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Styrofoam TVs and Ethereal Light

Tuesday January 18th 2005

by Sonya Armstrong

One can watch in wonderment and amazment at how creative children are if you just stop to look and listen as they play, not with bought toys, but with found objects. Yes, I have found that kids just don't need much to entertian themselves and perhaps the less they have, the more creative they are prone to be. That's not to say we deprive our kids and sternly say, "go play with a napkin!"


The other day I watched with delight as I caught a glimpse of Elliott walking in the hallway, gleefully, through an ethereal beam of light, with pure joy on his face. His joy was contagious, for Abigail quickly followed suit and they repeatedly walked through the wonderous rays as if walking into a world of enchantment.


During New Years, our dear friends, Kat and Drew were here, hanging out with us as we do when we are together, and they were entertained as they watched the kids set up a square piece of styrofoam with a rectangular hole cut out of it, pretending to watch T.V. They had cleverly set up their puzzle of the United States behind it, to which Elliott declared that they were watching their states show. There is a lesson to be learned here; we are not confined to the limits we place on ourselves. To think as a child, we have to let go of fear and believe we can be anything God wants us to be. Let go and walk through those radiant beams of light.




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