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Lost: Recap (S2,E2)

Wednesday September 28th 2005

by Paul Armstrong



What we now know:

  • Sawyer and Michael are fine - but bicker like married senior citizens.
  • Jin was captured by the "others".
  • Kate likes chocolate.
  • Desmond believes the world was to end
  • Desmond also apparently likes snowmen (freak)
  • There is a 108 (minute?) countdown that is preventing something from happening.
  • The shark(s?) have that symbol on their fin.
  • There are more survivors.
  • Walt's mom (what's her face) is a heartless alien freak.
  • The "others" are a pissy bunch with big sticks... and big too
  • The show likes to recap. Alot. Damnit I saw those already, just move on you're wasting time!!
  • We're all saying: "How did he...", "Did he just say...", "But if they do that, then...", "No way", "How did...", "Where did he get all the..."

What we don't know:

  • We just don't.
  • Walt's mom must know something about Walt
  • The significance of the polar bear?
  • What is being counted down?
  • Who's sick?
  • Who's "him"?
  • Where's Walt and why was he wet?
  • Was is Shannon's dad that died?
  • How did Locke become paralyzed?
  • How was Sarah healed?
  • What happened with Sarah and Jack?

my head hurts




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