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Lost: Recap (S2,E5)

Wednesday October 19th 2005

by Paul Armstrong
Whoa. Great episode. What we learned
  • It seems as if Walt is apart of The Others (the Teddy bear).I don't think I believe that anymore.
  • Mr. Echo rocks
  • The Tail-enders have "trust" issues
  • Jin can catch fish
  • The Others make no sound or tracks and perhaps are "corrupted" passengers; maybe this "sickness" that Roussaeu spoke of is a para-psychological "emission" from the island to see who's brain will be receptive to the signals (finding out those with psychic capabilities)
  • Not much Kate this time around -- sorry Shua - except a hint that she "likes" Sawyer
  • I still love Locke. "You're not lost when you stop looking." Good stuff.
  • Sawyer must have a massive infection -- most likely will die.
What we still don't know
  • Why do the Tail-enders have "trust" issues? Where they infiltrated?
  • What happened with Jack and Sarah (they pseudo touched on it)
  • What did Jiin say to Michael -- "You are hindu wood", "You are in the world" ?? He said, "You will be with Walt" ... so nothing majorly missed there
  • What did Kate do that made her mom freak out? Nor the crime that made her wanted (I don't think it could only her friends death)
  • Ana Lucifer is still nazi -- but like Sawyer in many ways (wonder if she too killed the wrong man in an effort to gain revenge for his parents deaths)
  • How is Walt able to send messages to Shanon?
Great episode. And 3 weeks!? What@!? Why!? NOOOOO!!!



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