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Lost: Recap (S2,E6)

Wednesday November 9th 2005

by Paul Armstrong
What we know:
  • The Tail-enders where preyed upon heavily by "the others"
  • Ana Lucifer remains a bitch
  • Shannon's father was the guy in the hospital/emergency room right next to Sarah (with Jack) and was involved in accident that paralyzed Sarah
  • Mr Echo continues to show his stength in compassion
  • Locke is the agent of truth
  • Charlie is probably on heroin again
  • We have more reason to hate Ana Lucifer; she killed Shannon
  • Shannon has abandonement issues (well; had I should say, I guess now she's abandoned everyone)
What we don't know
  • Who are the children that the tail-enders are talking about? (I assume we'll find out next week)
  • Why is Walt able to "transmit" himself? And is he hurting or helping? Is he a messenger of death (since he only appeared to Shannon?)
  • How Locke was paralyzed? Will we ever know?
  • What's up with Kate and her back story
  • Jack and Sarah -- how, why, when?
  • The countdown does what?
  • Where is the "beast" thing, that noisy thing that puffs black smoke?
  • What do all the stations do (mentioned in the Hanso orientation video)?
It seems we have a long way too long in revealing all the unresolved plots. And now the show is unfolding an entire new story line with the tail-enders of the Oceanic Flight 815 story being told. Hopefully they won't go too indepth, and just touch on what happened to them, pushing us along the continuum. Overall a great episode with subtle revelations and more character development -- and death.



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