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Lost: Recap (S2,E7)

Thursday November 17th 2005

by Paul Armstrong
What we (now) know:
  • The beginning of the episode -- brilliant. Was as captivating, horrific and unnerving as Episode 1.
  • The tail-enders were scoped out, and picked off for who was the "fittest" and "best" (in other words, good) by the "Others" in what one would assume is a Utopian experiment
  • Mr Eko is still the man. He was wearing a suit when the plane crashed, but we don't know anything else about him (something significant about 40 days of silence after killing someone maybe?) He has the calm and confidence of Locke.
  • The attempt to make Ana Lucifer likeable did not work for me. I still hate her. Yes, I know they went through alot with 9 of them being taking; the 2 kids she swore to protect and get back to their mom; and her actually showing emotion (I say a little blubbering did I not?); she still, according to Goodwin's assessment of what the "Others" are looking, must not be a good person.
  • Ana didn't tell anyone that she actually killed Goodwin, not even sure she told them that he was with the "Others" -- again, she's not good; and being the strongest leader, contrasted with Jack, they tail-enders seemed doomed
  • Bernard is a worrier; sorta like Hugo and Charlie combined.
  • Nathan, or Mike as I will call him, got his neck broke and that made me sad -- I kept waiting for him to say "Ten dollars if you go into the jungle and when the "Others" come, you say "burger me". (Inside "Ed" joke)
  • The dark haired Australian lady was the stewardess and is obviously completely doomed because they don't focus on her at all?
  • The bunker they find, from Dharma, has an arrow pointing up as its symbol. Obvious signficance - not sure what it means though; any ideas?
  • The crash seems less and less "accidental". It seems as if the others were waiting for some people to come, to fill out their ranks and mission
  • Ana did shoot Shannon, in the confusion of the "whispers".
What we don't know
  • Who is Mr. Eko? What did he do? What is his back-story? Of all the people, I want to know more about him most (and I imagine we will)
  • What are the whispers?
  • Who are the "Others". By what Goodwin said, he most likely was in the Peace Corps, and may have been on the island for 20 or so years. But how did he get there? Is he part of the "original" others? And is it them that the "bunkers" are quarentined against?
  • How come we haven't heard that monster/beast again? Is it linked with the coundown?
  • Who was talking on the radio/walkie-talkie that Bernard talked into? It didn't sound like anyone from the front-end
  • Same 'ol things I want to know -- How did Locke get paralyzed, What happened with Jack and Sarah, What is with Kate's crime, What are the bunkers for? What is Dharma and Hanso?



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