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Lost: Recap (S2,E8)

Wednesday November 23rd 2005

by Paul Armstrong
What we learned:
  • Kate is back, and she can play golf.
  • Ana Lucifer continues to make me hate her. I hate. Hate. Hate. The attempt to make her sympathetic; not working. She is also a cop - big surprise - with a revenge streak and history of lack of judgement. The "reason" for her rage (and bitch-i-ness), she was pregnant, was shot, and lost her baby; so she has a major chip on her shoulder. Despite that, I still hate her.
  • Mr Ecko and Locke are symboitic - abstruse. What sort of clue was Locke's crossword puzzle? Gilgamesh ...
  • I got teary at Jin/Sun and Bernard/Rose
  • Our requests for more Kate backstory will be revealed next week. Sweet.
  • Jack seemed interested in knowing that Ana Lucifer was alive -- not sure why, I hope to God its not because he likes her.
What we don't know:
  • Has everyone on the island killed someone?
  • What does Mr Ecko do?
  • Will the monster ever come back (or only after the countdown goes to 0)?
  • WIll anyone will Ana Lucifer (please someone, send her away)?
  • Who will Walt appear to now ... especially now that Michael is back at home base, and Shanon is dead?
  • The usual; nothing new revealed or concealed in this episode.



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