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Lost: Recap (S2, E10)

Wednesday January 11th 2006

by Paul Armstrong

What we learned:

  • Mr Eko was a bad man. Drug dealer. Killer. In an effort to save his brother from either being killed, or being forced to kill a man, Eko takes a gun that was forced into his younger brothers hand (to kill a man from the church) and shots the man instead. He was taken captive, and made a criminal.
  • Mr Eko's brother is on the island. Though sadly dead.
  • Mr Eko is a priest (though not a true priest, more an honorary, in memorium priest)
  • Michael remains bitter and desperate, and will undoubtly (as the preview for next week proves) do something stupid.
  • Kate cut Sawyers hair, for about 30 seconds.
  • Charlie is (seemingly) still on heroin.
  • The monster. Good gravy what is it? We see that its a smoke worm (much like the water worm thing from The Abyss). It makes an rattling noise as it "scopes" around. Seems to sense fear (?). Mr Eko starred it down, wherein we saw "inside" the smoke, which made it seem as if it were analyzing or collecting data (or taking pictures or x-rays or something). Then it went back into the ground. Crazy.
  • Next Week. Michael takes a gun, leaves to find Walt; and seemingly hurts Locke in the process. Then hear the others say "This is our island".

What we still don't know:

  • This section seems nearly pointless, doesn't it.
  • How does the monster, smoke thing, fit the orientation film overview of what is being studied on the island?
  • How in the world did the plane with Eko's brother get on the island?

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