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Lost: Recap (S2,E11)

Wednesday January 18th 2006

by Paul Armstrong
So ... that took a decidedly different turn (at the end). What we learned:
  • Michael has, in fact, lost his mind. He knocked out Locke, locked up Jack and took off. Is this the sickness? Is this what happened to Rosseau?
  • We get a glimpse into how Jack and Sarah fell apart. Not anything completely shocking ... great insight from Sarah "You always have to fix something". Seems to ring very true. In short(ish), Jack is know as a miracle worker, after fixing Sarah. He is "hired" to fix an older gentleman, fails, but fails for the daughter of the man -- and kisses her. Despite the warnings from his father (whom he doesn't respect), Jack gets too close, and mistakes empathy for "feelings". He confesses to Sarah, and she confesses that she's been having an affair and leave him. Ouch.
  • In an effort to find Michael, Sawyer (aka "James"), Locke and Jack take off to find him. Jack tells Kate to stay behind, which is pretty much telling her to follow behind (come on Jack, shouldn't you know better than to tell Kate what to do?).
  • While following the trail of Michael, the small clan of JLS hear gun fire, run toward it, and then confront the Others.
  • We again get to see the "Others" from the boat (who took Walt). The man tells JLS to leave now, that this is their island and they're only alive because they've been allowed to live. Jack thinks he's bluffing, to which we're shown that there are many more "Others" than we thought. Then Jack is ready to fight, when he learns Kate was following, and thus is forced to give up.
  • Jin rocks.
  • Does Kate really "love" Sawyer (aka James)?
  • I want to see more Hurley
  • Jack asks Ana Lucifer how long it would take to train an army.
What we don't know
  • Why are the "Others" there? How did they get there? Was it willingly? Accidental? Experimental?
  • How long exactly have the "Others" been there?
  • How did the plane with Mr. Eko's brother (and the drugs) wind up on the island?
  • Will Hurley score?
  • When will we learn about Locke and his injury?
  • Will we ever see the monster thing that knocks over the trees (or is the "smoke" creature supposed to be that thing?)
Pretty good progression, and on the continuim of closer and revelation. Quite good (though no Mr. Eko, which is sad).



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