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Lost: Recap (S2,E12)

Thursday January 26th 2006

by Paul Armstrong
What we learned
  • For some reason it seemed important to give us yet more insight into Charilie's past. In the family, he was the rescuer, the protector and the provider. So when he starts to have nightmares about Aaron, he gets "triggered", and nearly fulfills his own dreams by going out of his way to protect Aaron (and make Claire hate him more) -- by setting a fire in the jungle to distract people as he takes Aaron (to who knows where).
  • Claire still doesn't trust Charlie - and she's a dull character
  • Locke doesn't trust Charlie (and finds the herione stash and locks it up with the firearms)
  • Hurley likes that blonde lady *whose name I've forgotten*
  • Jack hangs with Ana Lucifer, and I can't figure out what - though they never mention the "army" again.
What we don't know
  • I feel like this was one of the weaker episodes to ever be written. Nothing important was revealed. Charlie's backstory helped very little in doing much for the plot of the island at all. All I can assume is that its wall foreshadowing (with Aaron being taken).
  • We don't know where Michael went, why Walt is special, why Locke was paralyzed, what and where the other stations are, who the "Others" are, if there are more "Others", if Zeke really is Brian Blessed, what the smoke is (or is for), what the beast is, how polar bears and horses are on the island ... need I go on?
Disappointing episode. Would you agree?



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