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Coffee addict

Thursday August 19th 2004

by Paul Armstrong

I'm a coffee addict.

I was too tired to roast last night; for fresh beans this morning. I have a splitting headache now – right through the sides of my head. Abbie has just a few more days till she is in kindergarten. Last night there was an ice cream "social" (I put it in quotes, for my benefit; as I am not that social an individual, especially around people I do not know), at a park down the road from her school. She immediately started playing and making friends, playing, running, chasing, laughing. Elliott just fell off the swings (decided to let go, and boom - on the ground).


Abbie will adapt perfectly, she's been ready for full day school for half a year or so. I was helping my friend Dan move some things into storage for his (and his family) move to Guatemala. We went to Don Pablo's afterward. I felt so sad, talking like we had so many times, over some coffee or beer. We talked about so many things; friends, faith, writing and prose, life and family, fatherhood. The time we got together were too far an few between and I will miss those times dearly, or even the chance to be able to share a beer and talk shit. I love you my friend. Be good.




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