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Lost: Recap (S2,E13)

Wednesday February 8th 2006

by Paul Armstrong
What we learned:
  • Jack and James (aka Sawyer) hate each other again. The statute of kindness when hurt has expired.
  • Jack and Locke hate each other again
  • The effort to make Ana Lucifer nice isn't working (her being "cheery" seems odd). She's convinced Jack to get the combo to the ammunition closet - for their army. I hope Sayid "accidentally" shoots her.
  • Sun was "captured" and injured -- by Charlie (more below)
  • The back story focused on Sawyer's con career - which tied in with his motivations on the island (by the way, recognize the diner he was eating in? Yup, that he was in the diner that Kate's mom worked). Sawyer convinced Kate to question Ana about the Sun incident, then he convined Locke to move the guns because of people's trigger happy vengence. All because Jack messed with his stuff - now he wants control the guns (and his "stuff"), I have no clue why. Can you say - WAH! Big cry baby.
  • Girl fight! Girl fight! Ok, not yet ... but wait for it ... wait for it ...
  • Hurley got a short-wave radio from Bernard and gave it to Sayhid, who dispite being "pissy" actually made it pick up signals. It picked a radio station (very clearly - too clearly?)
  • Charlie helped Sawyer to get the guns (after Locke moved them), because (wow, surprise) he wants Locke to look foolish (and you'd have to think to get his herione back)
What we don't know:
  • I think Kate is right, Sawyer is trying to get everyone to hate him, because that's comfortable for him. A self-fulfilling prophecy - he believes he's bad person, thus all he can do is bad things - he'll be the next to die.
  • What is Ana's motive? I still don't trust her
  • FINALLY someone is going to let the clock run out (next week).
  • Where was Mr Eko? I miss him.
  • Are we seeing the "illness" slowly come to fruition. Everyone is turning on each other (or least, on Jack and Locke - the leaders)? Rousseau said something about everyone fighting with each other -- she never said it happened immediately. I don't know much about the effects of electro-magnetism on the brain, but perhaps it can make things "unbalanced". Who knows.
  • Still wiating for the "scientific" explanation of the black smoke.
  • Where's the monster been?
  • Where did Roussaeu go? Where did Desomond go? Was Desmond the guy that Sarah (Jack's ex-wife) cheated with? Are they in cahoots?
Overall, pretty decent episode (after a dud, and a week off). What'd you think?



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