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Lost: Recap (S2,E14)

Wednesday February 15th 2006

by Paul Armstrong
What we learned:
  • Flashback character this week is (drum roll) > Sayid (we all breathe a sigh of reliefl, thankfully an interesting character, I swear I'd punch my cats face if they did another lame flashback, like Dingo Claire, sorry, long aside). The focus is on his time during Desert Storm (and a fairly obviously painted Baghdad) and his "cooperation" with the U.S military and the origins of his now imfamous interrogation tactics.
  • Rousseau (Danielle) is back and takes Sayid to see where "Henry" is being held (a man she trapped and held so that Sayid could gather info from him) - and subsequnetly harpooned by Danielle.
  • Henry Gale (the aforementioned harpooned dude) is supposedly a survivor of a balloon accident, is interrogated by Sayid. Some incredible acting by Sayid; as he explodes his emotions about Sharon's death through fists of and kicks of rage, anger and sadness. Gale maintains that he and his wife landed there 4 months ago, after their balloon crashed. Sayid does not believe him.
  • Sawyer makes an appearance; not so popular among the "survivors", nor among treefrogs (can you say prick factor increase).
  • Mmmm Ranch dressing (I heart Hurley)
  • The animosity between Jack and John grows - and seems childish and forced. Jack is a parody of himself.
  • Sweet Sassy MoLassy!! The countdown went down, showed some pictures (a crow, a feather? a stick?) and then reset. What the?
  • Next week : We (might) discover what happened to Claire for those few weeks she was captured, and find another hatch.
What we don't know
  • Are we to assume Sayid was educated in the U.S. or England (thus his great grasp of English and perhaps not unquestioning loyalty to Iraq)?
  • What is up with everyone deceiving one another? Very subtle, but totally fitting with what Danielle said in season one - about how everyone turned on one another.
  • What do the pictures/icons mean on the countdown?
  • Are there 2 groups of "Others"? More?
  • Is Henry an "Other"?
  • What did the countdown do if anything?



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