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Lost: Recap (S2,E15)

Wednesday March 1st 2006

by Paul Armstrong
What we learned:
  • So Claire is having flashbacks from the 2 weeks she was taken (in Season 1) and seeking some therapy to recover the memories. And whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.
  • Hatch #3 is a medical facility. Quite a nice one. With medicine. A nursery. Surgical room.
  • Ethan gave the baby a "vaccination" (for what?). The others were planning on surgically removing the baby from Claire (and killing her).
  • In an effort to recover memories Claire takes Kate to the jungle to find Rousseau. They find her and the new hatch. Its completely empty. Claire remembers the teen girl helping her escape - though she was so sedated that she didn't want to leave.
  • Zeke has a fake beard. And the Others' "dirty" clothes, etc are all fake as well - Kate discovers this when she opens a small leather box in a locker room
  • Mr Eko discovered Jack and Locke are keeping a prisoner and asks if he can "talk with him" alone. He confesses his sin to Henry - though I'm not entirely sure that's his only motive
  • With a few words Henry (the plant) has effectively flowered the animosity (he's heard through the thin walls) between Locke and Jack. Oh yes, he is an "Other" - he has to be.
What we don't know
  • What is the vaccine for?
  • What is the sickness - what does it do and how does Rousseau know what it does (and why wasn't she infected)?
  • Is Henry Gale a plant?
  • Where did the Others leave to? They left behind their props (which they had just used, couldn't be but a week before).
  • What do they need with babies?
  • Was Ethan a doctor?
  • Are we ever gonna learn what Sayid was building?
  • Next Week: Locke is confiding in Ana Lucifer. Why? So that she can help him figure out if Henry Gale is an "Other" - by finding his balloon (I'd imagine that this was Lucifer's bone-headed idea). Sun might be pregnant.
I thought it was a quite a revealing episode. I've been watching Season 1 again, and I believe less was releaved or postulated in the same amount of time compared to this season - though much more time was spent with character development (which I actually prefer). What did you guys think? What did I miss?



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