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Lost: Recap (S2,E16)

Wednesday March 22nd 2006

by Paul Armstrong

What we learned:

  • Sun is pregnant (something we've know for weeks now), but apparently she's unable to have children, we find out in a flashback. But even that's not true, its Jin who's unable to have children. What we learn is that Sun is learning English from her former "suitor" (in the whole arranged marriage thing - the guy who went off to America). Sun tells Jin that she's pregnant and swears that she's not had an affair, but I don't buy it.
  • It's time for Jin to learn English. All they've got is time, may as well feel connected to the world
  • Jack and Locke -- their secret's out (their secret childish grandstanding). Locke goes to Ana Lucifer to have her question Henry. She then gets Henry to draw a map to his balloon. Ana doesn't tell Jack or Locke that he has, and she take Sayid and Charlie to find the balloon. Jack, in an act of "compassion" (which is really just a way to piss of Locke) lets Henry have some cereal, wherein he tells them that he drew a map for Ana.
  • Henry gives an eerie "hypothesis" of what he "would" do if he "were" an "Other". Its too thorough to be believable as simple speculation. We know the balloon is there (because of the scenes for next week), but I believe that the balloon belongs to someone else and is being used as a tool by Henry (and the Others) to infiltrate the survivors camp.
  • Has NO ONE read "The Wizard of Oz" on this island? I mean, no one?
  • Kate is back from the medical hatch -- but hasn't told a soul. What the?! Wouldn't that be the first thing out of your mouth "Guys, there's another hatch. It's where Claire was kept. Oh, and the "Others" are wearing makeup. We found a locker room and a box with fake beards and tattered clothes". But no, she apparently hasn't a told a soul.
  • Sayid is building -- a stage?
  • Ana apologizes to Sayid, and I actually felt a twinge of sympathy for her. What's up with Sayid staring at her as she slept?
  • Bernard and Rose bicker alot.

What we don't know:

  • How Sun got pregnant -- immaculate conception? miracle? (afterall, the island healed Locke), or was it an affair? I say the latter.
  • Who is Henry? Who's balloon is it?
  • Is Charlie using?
  • Does anyone care that they stewardess was taken (you know, the girl with the dark hair and Australlian accent? Yeah, the girl that was taken right around when Shannon was shot). No one seems to care. At all. Why would they introduce her at all just to have her taken away? Is she another plant like Ethan?
  • Will they go back to the medical hatch? Will Kate or Claire ever tell anyone?
  • Next Week: The countdown begins and the hatch goes into lock down (but why did it go to 0?). Ana, Sayid and Charlie find the balloon. Henry seems to escape through the vents.

It was a good episode, though the lack of communication is getting inane. And I believe we'll have at least 2 more episodes in a row without a rerun. So, what did I miss? What are your thoughts?




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