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Lost : Recap (S2, E17)

Wednesday March 29th 2006

by Paul Armstrong

What we learned:

  • Locke is back into my "intriguing characters" list (along with Ecko).
  • Sayid, Charlie and Ana do find the ballon and the grave which (supposedly) houses Henry Gale's wife.
  • Randomly as Locke is in the hatch there is static coming from the internal alarm speakers. Its counting down ... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 .... then security doors come down within the entire hatch. Locke lets out Gale and together they attempt to wedge open a door. Locke slides under, but the chest retraining the door collapses -- right on Locke's leg.
  • Jack can play poker. He wins back the meds from Sawyer
  • We learn in flashbacks that Locke's father fakes his own death to escape the country with money he swindoled. Locke helps his father by getting the money from the bank. Helen finds out - and leaves Locke, even as he proposes.
  • While Locke is trapped, Henry crawls through the vent to enter the numbers. Locke hears the alarm, then the lights go out and blacklights go on, revealing a map on the door (which Locke is trapped under). We don't know if Gale actually did enter the numbers ... perhaps the system just resets (and doesn't really do anything away). Didn't Gale seem to remember the numbers pretty well?
  • Kate and Jack are flirting again (though, why would Jack lie about the plumbing?) - but before they can flirt more, they see a flashing in the woods -- and find that food supplies have been parachuted. One would assume the alarm going offs signals a warning and then food supplies are dumped off -- incredibly quickly. How did they get there that fast? Where did they come from? Is this "The Truman Show" and the island is small, self contained echo-system?
  • Sayid, Charlie and Ana come back (meeting Kate and Jack at the newly found supplies) and confront "Henry Gale" -- it seems Henry Gale isn't Henry Gale (some theorize he's "Kelvin", the associate of Desmond).

What we don't know:

  • With the flashback on Locke I was hoping to discover how he became paralyzed - but we have not
  • No one cares that there's a medical hatch still? When will everyone else learn where it is - and that the Others are putting on costumes.
  • What is the map? Are the hatched all connected? What's that large middle hatch with the question mark? Who is Henry Gale?
  • Was that an actual balloon, or was it a parachure (like the one that dropped the supplies)?
  • Where did the supplies come from? How long had they been there? Why the flashing light?
  • Where did the "Others" go?
  • Next Week We're lead to believe that Hurley has the "sickness" ... and may fall to his doom. It seems as if he is seeing things.

One of the better episodes of the seaosn I'd say (though I'm sure Lee with disagree ;-) ). What did I miss? What are your thoughts?




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