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The Armstrong "Curse"

Friday March 31st 2006

by Sonya Armstrong
I've been married into the Armstrong family for 10 years now and am definitely not excluded from what my mother-in-law refers to as the Armstrong "Curse". I've always been a pretty athletic person even though I always prefered individual sports like dancing and Cross Country running, and skiiing and aerobics. I considered myself pretty coordinated.......until now, but maybe I've been kidding myself all my life. Here I sit, foot still tingling, and my heel aching from not getting out of a horse's way quickly enough when I attempted to lead her out of the stall. What's worse is that my foot wasn't fully recovered from pseudo limping for over a month after a removal of a 20 year old planter's wart. I'm thinking to myself, "this is pathetic" am I ever going to walk without feeling like I'm over 60 again?! I'm only 34!!! Then I begin to remember the many times I've banged my head on inanimate objects.....the school bus door, the cabinets that I perpetually forget to close after putting the dishes away because I think I have more things left to put away (but I don't), the car door opening when I used to put the kids in their carseats as babies. Then, there was the summer at the beach 2004 when I wholeheartedly ran through the ocean waters toward the shore and then suddenly was down, ankle badly twisted from stepping into a hole (note to self; never run while IN the water again, when I can't see where I'm stepping). Needless to say, I'll be going back to the stable tomorrow, a little wiser and possibly a little "gimpier." I like horses, what else can I say?!



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