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Recap of Recaps : Lost (Reckoning)

Wednesday April 26th 2006

by Paul Armstrong
Not sure if any of you watched this, but it was a nice way to refresh our memories on what has happened this entire series, and quite a bit has happened this season. Here's the quick list.
  • The hatch
  • Desmond : His explanation of how he to the island got there is incredibly lame. Solar expedition. Kelvin comes running out "Come with me!". Push this button and save the world. Kelvin "dies"
  • The Dharma Initiative : the film, the school, the studies being conducted, the "incident".
  • The tail-enders: Ana Lucifer, Libby, Mr Eko, Bernard and the other chick. We see how they were infiltrated by an other (just like Ethan infiltrated the front-enders), one by one they take them (12 in total).
  • Sawyer and Kate : Meh, short lived and based on pity.
  • Jack and Kate : Meh, short lived and based on ... on ... what?
  • Kate's past : Killing her father
  • Mr Eko : Ah. The best character of Season 2. His past as a drug dealer. His brother the priest (who is killed trying to save Eko). The very same plane carrying Eko's drugs is crashed on the island, with the body of Eko's brother. The Mother Mary figurines with heroine (which Charlie finds and hordes)..
  • Michael : Losing his mind, wandering off to find Walt
  • Jack and Locke : Animosity, anger, hate. It all started with the hiding of the hatch, the "man of science man of faith" battle.
  • The Others : "Zeke", the speech (this is our island, and we let you be here). The many torches that light up to prove to Jack how many of them there are. The line is drawn. Sawyer "You and me ain't done Zeke"
  • Ana Lucifer, Ana Lucifer : I really don't like her
  • The Black Smoke : We glimpse the black smoke coming up to Eko, which shows "pictures" from his life (and then disappears)
  • Henry Gale : Rousseau warns them. Sayid takes me to the hatch. Gale tells his story (over and over). His story breaks down when Ana, Charlie and Sayid go find his balloon (and the real Henry Gale in a tomb)
  • The Countdown : We see it count down, we hear some noise (like a generator starting), we see some symbols
  • Sun pregnant : The back story of her and Jin being unable to have children, etc -- another island miracle?
  • The Map : An alarm goes off, the blastdoors come down, black lights and a map of the island (with writing)
  • The Drop Off : Crates of food "drop in" by parachute
  • Hurley : The hospital and accident - where we learn Libby was in the same hospital
  • Bernard and Rose : Their romance and marriage. Rose's cancer and why they were in Australia (to heal Rose). Her "feeling" that her cancer is gone -- because of the island.
  • The line, the trade ... at the black rock (and Michael's return; but at what cost)
Interestingly enough, the entire season seems to hinges on Walt - and whatever it is that he "has" that makes him special (telepathy? internal electromagnet pulses?). From the beginning of the season (till where we are now). All in all, quite a bit has happened. What are your thoughts in retrospect on the season thus far (theories, observations)?



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