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Lost : Recap (S2, E20)

Wednesday May 3rd 2006

by Paul Armstrong
What we learned:
  • First off. WHAT THE HELL!!? Michael shoots Ana and the Libby and then himself in the arm (and one woudl assume that he then kills "Henry"). What!? Why? I certainly did not expect that, at all. Poor Hurley! The damn lies and hidden secrets of Locke and Jack killed Ana and Libby; plain and simple.
  • Haha! Ana turned into a "wander", or airport security guard if you prefer (because she quit the force after the whole shooting of the dude and stuff)
  • Ana met Jack's father - at a bar of course. He invites her to go to Australia to "protect" him from "his dangerous" trip. They take on aliases, he chooses Sara for her (interesting).
  • It seems that "Tom" was setting up franchises (as we see him pounding on a suburban Australian home demanding to see "her"; which one assumes is his daughter). While stopped on the docks of the harbor and talking about how they are both running away for their pain, we see that they are in front of the bar where Sawyer and Christian meet and talk.
  • "Henry" is a master manipulator and has Locke wrapped around his finger. I still think he's a high ranking leader, if not "the" leader.
  • Michael is a pawn sent to lead the survivors to the "Others" for what one would have to assume is a major season ending cliff hanger battle (aka war).
  • Hurley is putting his best foot foward with Libby
  • Eew. Ana and Sawyer. Come on. She did get his gun though.
  • I'm tired of the lying between each other -- what's the harm in Locke telling Jack that Ana was attacked by "Henry"? Childish.
  • Michael comes to, and tells them that he's found the "Others". He found their "compound" of tents (about 22 of them). He never found Walt. Sounds suspicious. Tents? They're wearing costumes and have medical supplies. Michael is understandly intent on getting Walt, but to attack "old people, and mostly woman" seems -- odd. I think they found Michael, tortured him and said "If you want Walt back, you bring them to us". He'd do it.
  • "They're liars" says Jack. As if they're not.
  • "Henry" tries to manipulate Ana by mentioning Goodwin (the guy she killed). But she points the gun at him anyway ... but didn't shoot him.
What we don't know:
  • Does Ana know that Christian is Jack's father?
  • How did Christian die?
  • What in the world is wrong with Michael? Why is he killing everyone? What is his plan or motive?
  • Is Michael lying about finding the "Others" and finding their "tents"? Was he sent to kill "Henry" as well as get the other survivors
  • My brain hurts. I can't believe what I saw. Just can't believe it .... I can't even think of what else I need to question other than Michael and his ... insanity
  • Scenes from next week: Michael is sick. He's killed the girls. He kills Henry. And now he's leading the rest of them to their deaths; and one can imagine its just so he can get Walt back. But why would the "Others" seemingly bring the survivors to this island just to kill them all? What sort of experiment is that?



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