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Recap : Lost (S2,E21)

Wednesday May 10th 2006

by Paul Armstrong
What we learned:
  • Libby is not dead (yet), but mortally wounded. Or maybe mildly damaged. Michael is obviously not too happy about that, knowing she could rat him out. She manages to utter "Michael" with a look of horror and terror on her face before she dies.
  • Mr Eko has a dream where his (dead) brother tells him that he must help Locke find the question mark.
  • The flashback focuses on Mr Eko as a priest in Australia investigating a miracle (of a "drowned" girl who comes back to life). Here Mr Eko comes in contact with the psychic that convinced Claire to go to L.A. (though I'm not sure the timeline)
  • Following the commands of their dreams Eko and Locke uncover a new hatch, "The Pearl". The Pearl is a small observation room with 6 (older 1970's black and white) television sets which monitors each "experimentation" station -- of which only one works and is watching "The Swan", and a computer is logging the number of times the "numbers" are entered. A new orientation film explains what the 2 volunteers are to do (enter the findings into notebooks and put them in pneumatic tubes which go back to "them").
  • The drown girl comes to Eko in the airport and tells him what his brother had told her that he was to have faith in himself.
What we don't know
  • Will we ever get a backstory to Libby? Maybe someone else knows her and can flashback to give us glimpses of her? Was the miracle of the girl coming back to life (with Mr Eko) foreshadowing for Libby?
  • Why are all the hatches so empty? There seems to be some sort of break-down with the Dharma Initiative, but why? Where did everyone go? If no one is monitoring them, then why are they there?
  • Where do the tubes go? (I'm sure the next episodes will be exploring that).
  • Scenes from next week: Sayhid rightly suspects Michael as he leads them to the "Others". We see Zeke throwing something and what appears to be a "battle" and we see Michael with what I assum is an "Other" telling him that Walt fine ... then a shot of most of the survivors looking at something mouths wide open ...
I'm still sort of shocked that Libby died with no backstory. None. Was she crazy? Was she following Hurley - obsessed with him? Why was she in a mental hospital? Why was she in Australia? A good episode again. I'm sure I need some time to process -- any thoughts from you al?



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