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Recap : Lost (S2,E22)

Wednesday May 17th 2006

by Paul Armstrong
What we learned:
  • No flashbacks this week, instead we follow Michael on his journey immediately after he left the hatch in search of Walt.
  • And say hello Miss Clue. Miss Clue is introduced to Michael (after he is dragged to the "Others" camp -- which, by the way, is not full of old people). She asks Michael a series of questions about Walt ("Are you his biological father?", "How old was he when he started talking", "Has he ever been anywhere he wasn't supposed to be?"). For a week she asks him the same questions, over and over. Until she informs him that if he helps them get Henry back, that he and Walt can go free (as we all suspected) - in exchange for Sawyer, Jack, Kate and Hurley (just them; and if they don't all come, then he won't ever see Walt again).
  • Michael is allowed to see Walt for only 3 minutes. Walt tells Michael that he's made to take tests, that they look him in rooms and most importantly that they aren't who they say they are.
  • Charlie finds the "vaccine" and injectors (and tried it on himself). He gave them to Claire and Aaron to "vaccinate" themselves. I can't imagine this is a good thing.
  • Sayid suspects Michael and is conceiving a plan
  • There's a boat off the coast - could it be Desmond?
  • Locke is back to reflecting quietly on the beach. Oh, and he can walk again, and proceeds to leave the beach ... for somewhere?
What we don't know
  • Who is Miss Clue? Why do the "Others" need Sawyer, Jack, Kate and Hurley. Why not Sayid?
  • What do the injections do?
  • Whose on the boat? I say Desmond
  • Where is Locke going?
  • Why do so many of the "Others" look completely dazed?
  • Since we know they wear fake beards and worn clothes, are we sure that their "camp" isn't just another decoy?
  • Will Alex turn against the "Others" and join the survivors?
  • Scenes From Next Week: It happened all so fast, I think I missed most of it.
Pretty good episode, mostly because of seeing Walt and hearing what he had to said -- however brief it was. He's obviously a guinea pig, and I sense that the "Others" are fearful of him. My personal theory is that Susan was doing something with Walt while he was overseas to infiltrate Hanso and the Dharma Initiative (and that its been an ongoing battle for years -- which is why the island and its hatches are abandoned, etc). There's more to it than that, but that's my general overview. And remember, if you missed the episode, you can watch (the morning after the show) on ABC by going here



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