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Things that I think I think about LOST

Wednesday May 31st 2006

by Paul Armstrong
I've had a week to stew and marinate on the finale for LOST. I'm still as floored as I was last week. I've watched the episode 2 times and I'm developing theories, from reading other friends posts and reading some message boards as well as the always cryptic podcast of Damon and Carlton (who, by the way is the voice on the Hanso commercials). Here's what I think I think I know that I think (that will more than likely be wrong):
  • Desmond is not dead. Based on the last podcast, the writers (who always try to make themselves sound like they don't know what's going on, as if we're dumb enough to believe that) indicated they'd be sad to see such "a strong character like Desmond be really dead".
  • We will see the monster(s) again. Also based on the finale podcast. Damon stated something very shocking -- that we've seen the monster in this past season, but probably didn't know it. So, can they change shape? Is it Eko? Another interesting, related to but not really related, item said was that nothing introduced in Lost will do unresolved. So, take some comfort in that.
  • Libby is a recruit, or at the very least not merely a tailie survivor. I was confirmed with this on some posts on message boards. The coincidence of her 1) finding Desmond in a coffeeshop and 2) having a boat to give him in his exact time of need is like many other things on the show -- that which seems to remarkable most likely isn't as remarkable as it seeems. I beleive Libby is a recruit - I assume we will start to see her in more flashbacks by other people. As a psychologist she has hand picked people with certain personality profiles to fit in with research Hanso is conducting on the island.
  • The "magnet" affected more than the color of the sky. I can't imagine this is the only time the fail-safe had to be used (otherwise, there wouldn't be a fail-safe). I'm thinking that this is what caused the original "incident", that it affects the minds of some people and causes the "illness".
  • Walt is VERY important. "Henry" (do we know his real name yet?) said that Walt was more than they bargained for, and mix that with all the odd questions that Miss Cleo (wait, that's not her name ... what was her name?) asked Michael, one can only assume that Walt surpasses his "profile" (that Libby provided).
  • The statue is a ruse. Perhaps the entire island is a lie, but I believe, as intriguing as the statue 4-toed foot is; that is a plant to add to the mystique of the island. Some say that it is evidence that the island is the lost world of Atlantis. While that would be interesting, I don't think that follows the mythology that is being created (which isn't really a mythology, but an elaborate game, research and experiment)
  • All that I just said will be completely untrue. Well, the Walt thing is a gimme, the details though, who knows. So far this show has done an amazing job of spreading vast amounts of disinformation, that sometimes leads us to over-complicate and sometimes sidetrack us (those who are hopelessly addicted) and progressing the show in an ever evolving world. All I can say, is that Season 3 will be very bizarre and probably amazing.



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