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Recap: Lost (S3E1)

Wednesday October 4th 2006

by Paul Armstrong

What we learned:

  • The "Others" have a very nice Leave it to Beaver community situation. Or is that "had"? Until they saw the plane crash overhead, and "Henry Gale" (astoundingly quickly) impliments a strategic plan on what to do (find survivors, infiltrate, be anoymouse, observe, gather information)
  • Sawyer's a monkey bear (in a cage, with animal behavior modication tools -- risk, reward, etc)
  • Kate almost had the chance for a nice meal (with Henry Gale) but opted for a cage near Sawyer.
  • Jack is being held under water (in the Hydra) in a dark, dank, interrogation room -- complete with chains and dripping water. Being observed and analysed, for what purpose, we don't yet know. Plus they know everything about him (and everyone)
  • Flashbacks were focused on Jack and Sarah. He was obsessed with finding out who Sarah was "seeing"; and believed it to be his father.

What we don't know:

  • How long had Ben, Juliet, et al been at the resort there? Where they waiting for the plane (or something to "arrive")?
  • We can call this the observation episode. Or the "tear down to build up". The "Others" are slowly manipulating (through natural consequences for "bad" behavior) Jack, Kate and Sawyer for ... well, that's the question. What are they interrogating them for? They seem to know everything already so what do they hope to gain? Is it purely sociological? Psychological?
  • We don't know what happened with Locke or Desmond (though, you have to assume they are alive), or where Hurley went after he was released. Are they keeping Jack, Kate and Sawyer only because they are a love triangle?
  • What happened after the "fail safe" was set off?
  • Where did Michael and Walt go?
  • What's up with the foot statue?
  • Who is Juliet? Did we see her in another episode (I feel like I should know her name)?
  • Next Week: Sayid and the survivors set off on Desmonds sail boat to rescue Jack, Kate and Sawyer; and when Henry (real name, Ben) finds out, he gets jealous.

Overall a good lead-in to the season, and an intreguing direction. By the way, The 9 (thus far) is quite good.




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