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Recap: Lost (S3E2)

Wednesday October 11th 2006

by Paul Armstrong
What we learned:
  • FLASHBACK FOCUS Sun and her affair with that dude she was originally arranged to marry, well; Sun's father catches them "in the act" so to speak. Sun's father asks Jin to "take care" of the situation (send "the message"). Jin finds him and wow -- pummels him, yet shows grace and tells me to flee the country and start his life over. But, someone (else) pushes him out of a window (and bang). Dead.
  • Prisoners? Or decoys? Kate and Sawyer are taken to what seems like a labor camp (and they keep Kate in the dress -- for whatever pyschological reason) where they dig and move rocks around.
  • Ben isn't happy that they have a boat (probably because its his fault that Desmond was able to sail back without him even knowing it -- of course, I guess he was captured at the time)
  • Kate see's Rousseau's daughter (what's her name?) in the bushes who says "You're not even supposed to be in there" (the cages). Hmm.
  • Jin, Sun and Sayid sail around the island and find the dock. Sayid starts a fire (knowing it'll draw the Othes to them) to ambush and capture. Instead, the Others comes form the sea and foil those plans -- and Sun shoots angry blonde chick but the Others still manage to get the boat. Sun jumps from the sail boat and they head back to the beach.
  • I love Sawyers attitude. Love it. He almost got away (I guess kissing Kate can give you that extra pep you need), but he got quite a beating for it. Back in their cages Sawyer and Kate make plans to escape (as all mighty Ben watches on the monitors)
  • Ben visits Jack, noticing the irony of their situation (Jack coming in to visit the captured Ben). We learn that Ben (Linus) has lived on the island his entire life. Ben asks Jack to cooperate and he'll be let go (to where?). Jack asks -- "If you can live, then why are you still here?" Ben does not answer.
  • SCENES FROM NEXT WEEK: We learn what happened to Desmond, Locke and Mr Eko (and the monster comes back too).
What we don't know:
  • Is the baby that Sun is caring really Jins?
  • How are the Others keeping in contact with the outside world? And why aren't they leaving?
  • Has Ben really been on the island his entire life? What about everyone else? Have they too?
  • The angry blonde chick said that they aren't the enemy. That's the 3rd time someone has said that -- is that merely a ploy, or are they really trying to help them (in a round about way?). Perhaps the real Dharma Initiative people were removed in a revolt by the Others.
  • Where the other people working with Kate and Sawyer at the labor camp also captive or where they just there as decoys?
  • What's up with Rousseau? Where is she in all of this?
  • The bush girl said that they shouldn't be in the cages -- why?
  • I wanna know what's up with the HUGE foot
  • When will we see what Penny is up to?
  • Where did Michael and Walt go?
I like this new setting. We're getting off the beach and around the island and learning more about the Others (and their plot). But there is another group (according to Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff on the LOST podcast) that is not on the side of the Others. Chew on that ...



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