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Recap: Lost (S3E3)

Wednesday October 18th 2006

by Paul Armstrong

Just a vision


This is long, so be prepared... What we learned:

  • FLASHBACK FOCUS John Locke. We John pick up a hitchhiker (who looks familiar from some show), and they're then pulled over (where we find John is carrying a TON of guns in the bed of a truck). John then takes this boy to a commune/compound of a religious cult. Eddie (hitchhiker) and Locke are then seen chumming around on the compound. And then there's "the greenhouse". Weed, weed, weed. Eddie is a cop, and John is again an outcast in a "family". On a hunt Locke confronts Eddie (on being a cop) but let Eddie go.
  • Locke goes on a vision quest of sorts, to communicate with the island -- and Boone appears as the messenger for the island. In a decidedly new stylistic approach Locke is told he has to help someone in danger (and its not Jack, Kate and Sawyer) -- but first he has to clean up his own mess (which is the mess he caused in the hatch with Eko). Very interesting Biblical allusion to Zechariah being muted until John the Baptists' birth (from the Book of Luke)
  • The "hatch" is now just a crater.
  • Mmmm, polar bear -- or um, Hurely. What?
  • Hurley tells Locke (and Charlie) that Henry is in fact an Other, and their leader
  • Locke goes into a cave to hunt the polar bear, wherein he find Eko deep within a cavern (trapped by the polar bear). Locke uses some hairspray to make a torch and they escape. Locke apologizes for his mess -- and Eko tells Locke that he can save them (Jack, Kate, Sawyer), or did he?
  • Hurley finds a naked Desmond. Desomond explains what happened (electromagnetic implosion) -- Hurley states the obvious "You're not gonna turn into the Hulk or something?" Desmond predicts what Locke will say (about going to save everyone)

What we don't know:

  • Can Desmond see the future, or was it just a good guess that Locke would go on a mission to find Jack, Kate and Saywer?
  • Is the Island really talking with John, or is it someone with pyschic powers guiding Locke to where they need him?
  • Does Locke shoot himself (and thus paralyze himself) after letting Eddie go to not appear to have caved in?
  • Who were these other island dwellers? I love that whenever they show other survivors, they only have 2 lines, they're usually just questions "What's going on?", "Why am I here", "Is that a monster?", "Can I have a a fake beards?"
  • The big foot statue --- perhaps an ancient civilization, not unlike Native American tribes, that was known for their mind control powers (thus the "vision quests" of Locke and the interest of Dharma being there?
  • What's going on with Jin, Sun and Sayid?
  • Penny? Where's Penny? Antartica is calling
  • Was the "monster" (that moved the trees and ate the pilot from Seaon 1) just a zoo animal? Or was it something else?
  • I want to know more about Libby -- why was she in the hospital with Hurley? Why was she in the coffeeshop with Desmond (and miraculous able to give him a boat)? Is she really even dead?
  • What exactly are the "Others" trying to accomplish with Jack, Kate and Sawyer.
  • NEXT WEEK: Horrified Kate, screaming Henry "DO YOU LOVE THIS MAN". A captured Sawyer. Needles. More screaming. Jack looking ... Jackish. More screaming. "DO. YOU. LOVE. HIM!". Kate, "Yes, I LOVE him"

I loved the style change for Locke's vision (something new, yet fitting). Overall another quality episode, revealing small amounts while still propelling us forward in story. By the way, if you haven't already, start to watch Heroes and 30 Rock, both excellent new series.




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