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Recap: Lost (S3E4)

Wednesday October 25th 2006

by Paul Armstrong
What we learned:
  • FLASHBACK FOCUS: Tonight was focused on Sawyer and his time in jail. He and the warden don't exactly get along (so it seems), and Sawyer "befriends" a new rich inmate who stole money from the government. The woman whom he conned comes to visit and we learn that Sawyer has a daughter. THEN we discover that Sawyer was an informant giving the government information on the whereabouts of the stolen money in exchange for his release. He also got compensated (to which all the funds went to his daughter)
  • Desmond is worried about Claire's roof. He's also giving golfs tips to newbie island faces.
  • Jack is trying his hand at psychological warfare with Juliet. Though she implores him to help them with the woman (who was shot by Sun). Jack obliges but is unsuccessful as they have no useful medical training or equipment.
  • In an effort to make Jack humanize "the Others", they cuff him to the dead chick. It doesn't work as he knows the chick was dead before he got there; but they did make sure he glanced at x-rays that showed a tumor on a spine (Jack's specialty)
  • Sawyer has hatched a plan to electrocute his captures and grab the keys (he hasn't realized that they are listening to everything). Is it me, or is he infinitely more likable? Anyhoo. His plan backfire and they attempt some torture tactics on Sawyer. The fun loving bunch that they are, they let Jack listen in as they plunge a needle into Sawyers heart. Then Ben kills a rabbit by shaking it -- which is a visual aid to tell Sawyer that he has a pace maker, and if his heart rate accelerates past 140 -- boom, heart explosion. Doesn't help that Kate undresses in front of him.
  • Dead girls boyfriend (Danny) isn't too happy about the survivors off'ing her, and he takes it out on Sawyer (Sawyer did make fun of Danny's mom afterall). In the midst of pummeling and increasing heart rate (tick tick boom), angry man asks Kate if she loves Sawyer, to which she says yes.
  • Kate tries her luck at escaping by climbing out (way too easily -- again, not realizing they are being watched at all times) and she confronts him about what happened to him; to which he can't tell her (tick tick boom).
  • The Others may not be "killers" but they sure do the torture thing well (and they did kill a bunny, that counts as "killing" in my book)
  • Desmond made a lightning rod (because he knew a storm was coming -- thus the roof comment and the starring out at the ocean). He also knew where lightning would strike; and not hit Claire's tent. Hmmm.
  • Ben takes Sawyer for a hike (knowing his heart rate would go up) to "show him something". In the process Ben tells Sawyer the pace maker isn't real, shows him the live bunny, and then shows him that he's not on the island that he thinks he is (but another, smaller island across the water -- no escape). Then some stuff about "you just care about her" blah blah blah.
What we don't know:
  • How long does it take to get from one island to the next? Do they have an underground system? If there's 2 islands, are there more?
  • Where's Michael and Walt? I know on a boat, did where did the boat go? Are they coming back? Did they escape?
  • Do the Others know about Sawyer's daughter (I assume they must, and will use it to their advantage).
  • What is up with Desmond? Is he a Meteorologist? Is he reliving the same day over and over? Can he see the future?
  • Who's got the tumor? I say Benry. it is Ben. Will Jack save him, or kill him?
  • NEXT WEEK: Jack confronts Ben about his tumor. Juliet appeals to Jack's good nature ("Trust me") -- I think Jack likes her. The island "wakes up". And there are just 2 more episodes till a long hiatus.
Some good stuff. Lots of new information. More pieces coming together (the Others aren't as sophisticated as they seem). But no majors questions answered. What did you guys think? What grabbed your attention?



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