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Recap: Lost (S3E5)

Wednesday November 1st 2006

by Paul Armstrong
What we learned
  • FLASHBACK FOCUS Mr. Eko. Nothing new revealed -- just shows us how Eko continues his life as a "priest" after his brother was shot (and got on the plane only crash in the island).
  • The black smoke is back, and following Eko.
  • Jack tells Ben he has a tumor; which makes Ben upset at Juliet (and she seems to be cozying up to Jack).
  • Mr. Eko awakes only to start hallucinating and wanders into the forest -- where he see's his dead brother (tells him to confess his sins). The black smoke follows him (until Locke shows up).
  • Ben discloses "the plan" to break Jack, get him to trust them, win him over, and get him to help them (and do as they want), or more importantly, to save Ben's life (though I don't buy it).
  • Walking toward the plane crash (the one with Eko's brother and the drugs and stuff), they find a another hatch -- a watching go to the watching Station (to observe the projects). New girl points out all the monitors, and they get a feed and find Captain Eyepatch (yarrr)
  • Juliet pulls a Bob Dylan and secretly (via a video she recorded of herself -- in her house? -- using cue cards) tells Jack that he should kill Ben.
  • Eko was building the church on the island, because of his action in Africa (killing the men in the church) -- he "owed" his brother a church
  • The black smoke is the monster, tracks down Eko and picks him up and throws hims to the ground. Those in the new hatch hear the monster and rush out to find Eko lying on the ground. Locke goes to him, holding Eko as he whispers something in Locke's ear ... and then he dies.What did he whisper? "You're all next"
What we don't know
  • Do you trust Juliet? I don't. There is no reason to trust any of them
  • Why did Eko end up in Australia? Its sad that he's dead,
  • Tell me why they keep showing strange survivors in these new episodes?
  • What is the black smoke doing -- it seems to really like Eko. Does the black smoke "make" these visions, is it shaping itself into what it sees in the minds of those it seeks? Is it a machine? Why did it kill Eko that time; and not the time before (in Season 2)
  • Who's Captain Eyepatch? Did he see them, or just find the camera? Where is he? Is he a survivor, an Other, and other Other?
  • NEXT WEEK Jack is angry and wants off that island (who doesn't). Sawyer is gonna "die". Kate makes out with Sawyer (or maybe she dreams it). More screaming.
Not a bad episode, though I found it a little slow (even with Eko as the flashback). I wasn't sure the point of Eko's flashback, other than to close his chapter. What are your thoughts?



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