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Recap: Lost (S3E6)

Wednesday November 8th 2006

by Paul Armstrong
Are we really only 6 shows in? What we learned:
  • FLASHBACK FOCUS We focus on Kate. She was going to get married, apparently -- with the name Monica (fleeing her past?). Lord knows she gets around (how many boyfriends/husbands now?) There's even Taco Night for the domesticated Kate, er, Monica. The point of the marriage (because its obviously not just because she loves Firefly man). And then we see our friendly (and dead) Marshall. Ed Marshall promises to stop chasing her if she decides to stop running (and settle down; in Florida may I add). Kate was also -- preggers (again). Kate, aka Monica, actually tells hubby the truth, drugs him and -- leaves
  • Sawyer's all in the downy dumps because Kate doesn't really love him.
  • Mr Eko is buried (by John) and some other with his pray stick ... as Locke hammers it into the ground he has an epiphany (and sees : "Lift up your eyes and look North")
  • Ben has an "inoperable" tumor, except with miracle worker Jack. Jack isn't buying the set up.
  • Locke is back to his lonely, faithful self.
  • There are two factions of the Others - and Alex seems to be among them
  • In order to get Jack to do the surgey they're using Kate as the pawn (and Sawyer as the bait).
  • Sawyer tells Kate about the island they are on (with holding the information for hope -- somewhat like Shawshank).
  • Kate is a hussy, pick a guy already! Sawyer. Jack. Sawyer. Jack. Oh wait, let's have sex on the cages while they watch. Eh? I guess she picks Sawyer
  • Anyone else hear that noise in the background? Some weird mutant cow?
  • Alex gets Jack out, but he unfortunately sees Kate and Sawyer all snuggles. Jack then changes his mind and wants off the island (as if).
  • Ben asks about Alex (and asks if she asked about him) -- why?
  • Danny is an angry man
  • Who's Jacob? What list? Sheppard wasn't on Jacob's list?! What?
  • Wow. Go Jack, slicing and dicing and calling the shots
Wait, wait wait wait wait. Wait. 16 weeks? 16 WEEKS!? Excuse my french but, fuck that noise. What we don't know
  • Who's Jacob? What list? A kill list?
  • Monster -- shape shifter? Future seer? Why did Mr Eko have to die?
  • Does Ben have a tumor? Is it a rouse? How much of Jack's actions where the Others prepared for?
  • What was Alex talking about with the boyfriend? Did the Others really kill him? Who was he?
  • What happened to Kate's baby?
  • Is the "beach talk" that Jack is talking about really the talk that Kate, Sawyer, Jack (and Hurrley) had right before they were captured? What is the plan?
  • Next ... Februrary --- 2007! What's the point of talking about it this far in advance. Its a long long long time away now.



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