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Recap: Lost (S3E7)

Thursday February 8th 2007

by Paul Armstrong
What we learned
  • FLASHBACK FOCUS: Juliet: Juliet was a brilliant medical researcher, who worked under the thumb of her manipulative ex-husband. Her research was (from what I could gather) in impregnation without fertilization(?). Her research is pursued by a "company" from Portland, but her lack of confidence and fear keep her from taking it -- "if he were hit by a bus, then maybe I could". She tells her ex how she successfully got her sister pregnant (wait, that doesn't sound right) and he proceeds to try and blackmail her -- then BAM -- hit by a bus. No sooner is he dead than "the company" guys show up. There's Ethan with Luis offering her the job again. But this time they add the twist that's not really in Portland, but "sorta" remote.
  • Jack has a martyr complex, but he is an awful good surgeon. He continues his threat to kill Benry unless Sawyer and Kate are allowed off the island (to which he learns they aren't on "the" island, but a small island 2 miles away). He throws Juliet under the bus claiming she asked him to kill Benry (which she denies).
  • Benry talks with Juliet; with contained orders to let Sawyer and Kate go, in exchange for Jack doing the surgery. He also tells Juliet that if this all works, she can go back home (bullsh**)
  • Sawyer and Kate escape, but can't find a boat to get away. Alex finds them and offers help, if they get her boyfriend (Carl). THey find Karl in a "Clockwork Orange" brain washing room, get him out and get on the boat. Angry man Danny defies orders (from Ben to allow them to escape) and tries to gun them down; but Juliet finally stands up to someone; and kills him. Alex stays; Carl, Kate and Sawyer row away for "home".
  • Zeke's name is Tom, and he actually doesn't seem all that bad a guy (just a bit dense). He also doesn't like blood.
What we don't know
  • What was Ethan doing in the same apartment complex as Juliet? Spying? Helping? Researching?
  • Did Juliet's sister have cancer or was it a reaction/side affect to the meds?
  • What exactly is Dharma planning on doing with Juliet's research? Is it for animals? People?
  • How high up is Luis in Dharma; is he one of the main men? Is he above Benry? Is he on the island?
  • How sincere was Benry's offer to allow Juliet to leave? Is Benry using that "hope" as a means of control (because in reality they are abandoned and have no hope of exiting?)
  • Where are Walt and Michael?
  • Black smoke? Monster? Desmond with superpowers?
  • What's Penny up to? Who does she work for? What does she know?
Overall it was a decent episode. Nothing much was answered, but my fingers are still crossed. I was really hoping they'd open up back in Antartica and follow Penny and who and watch she is ... then cut back to the island. The sneak peaks on the internets lead me to believe that things are going to be revealed in the upcoming weeks. But, we'll see ... my patience is waning.



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