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Recap: Lost (S3E8)

Wednesday February 14th 2007

by Paul Armstrong



What we learned

  • FLASHBACK FOCUS: Desmond In a very atypical flashback we see bits and pieces of Desmond's pre-island life. The exception being the flashback to us as it does to Desmond -- directly after (or during) the "explosion" of the hatch. We learn of Desmond's desire to marry Penny; even asking her (prick) father for her hand. Her father proceeds to degrade Desmond. Unthwarted Desmond goes to buy a ring and is confronted by a kindly old lady at the ring shoppe who tells Desmond that he can't change the future. Either Desmond is just seeing his past mixed with her more immediate present, or he's really reliving his life -- seeing the future and attempting to change it.
  • Charlie and Hurley confront Desmond on how he could know that Claire would drown. He refuses to answer. They in turn attempt to get him drunk (to talk) -- offering him some whiskey (the very same that Penny's father refused to serve to Desmond that day he asked for her hand in marriage). Charlie calls him a coward; Desmond freaks out. Later they kiss and make up and Desmond tells Charlie that he sees flashes of life before they happen, as if they have happened -- and he's been trying to save Charlie (who drowned when he tried to save Claire and who was struck by lightning). Charlie is the man in red shoes (and we all swore it was Claire)

What we don't know

  • How much of what Desmond sees is truly seeing the future, and how much is deja vu?
  • What is Penny doing now that she's found that "signal" in the wintery wilderness?
  • Is Penny's father associated with Dharma? Hanso?
  • Was the painting of the polar bear really in the office or was Desmond projecting that?
  • Based on the premise espoused by the writers (that everything is Lost is based on fact), then what is truly happening to Desmond?
  • Next Week: Some (seemingly) big reveals -- we learn about Jack's tattoo's, we learn why and what happened with the "Others" children and we see the stewardess that "disappeared" in season one (we're "observing") ...

Overall, this is the episode I thought I'd get last week; and it was pretty excellent. I like seeing how Desmond got to were he is, although I don't fully understand how a electromagnetic implosion/explosion can cause deja vu and future seeing -- it was very entertaining (esp. learning about Charlie).




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