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Recap: Lost (S3E9)

Friday February 23rd 2007

by Paul Armstrong
strangers in a strange land What we learned:
  • FLASHBACK FOCUS: Jack We learned that Jack got a tattoo in Thailand from a mysterious woman who can "see who people are". Aside from having sex with her for a month, there wasn't much point to the flashback --- unless Achara is somehow connected with the island. The "big mystery" revealed is the meaning of Jack's tattoo's (which fans uncovered in season one) - "He walks among us, but he is not one of us" (which is supposedly inaccurate)
  • Jack's in love with Juliet. In what I'd guess is an elaborate plot by "the Others" to have Jack join their side, Juliet is but on trial for killing Mr. Angry. Jack makes a deal with Ben, he'll tend to Ben's healing if he pardons Juliet.
  • Sawyer, Kate and the boy make shore on the main island. They learn from the boy that the Others live in a "town" (with backyards and all).
What we don't know:
  • Is Juliet really on Jack's side? Are the Others preparing Jack for what they are really doing there, which will open his eyes to the truth (whatever that may be); and then have him return to his fellow survivors -- where he'll try to explain the enormity of what is going on but he'll be seen as insane or crazy or a traitor and they'll kill him. Ok, maybe that's a bit extreme, but Jack is staying for a reason, and they want him for a reason
  • So does going "home" merely mean getting off the small island and back to the "neighborhood" or does it really mean "home"?
  • Does Desmond really have the ability to travel time -- if so, how? Does anyone else have a special power?
  • What are Cindy and the kids "watching"?
  • Are we ever going to know what happened to Michael and Walt?
  • What's up with the huge statue foot?
  • Who's the 26 year old that Juliet saw in the x-rays (before she went to the island)
Overall, I don't quite see the point of the flashback -- unless there will be more to it. Jack's tattoo tells us very little. I'm more interested in what they will "show" Jack in their neighborhood -- how much he'll learn about what they are doing, where they came from, who they work for, etc.



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