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New skin

Wednesday March 14th 2007

by Paul Armstrong
This past weekends "spring forward" clock adjustment has had its usual affect on the families collective sleep habits (its dark when I get up, I hate that -- HATE. THAT). I think most of us out there are in the same collective boat on feeling over tired and somewhat lagging. Things are warming up as spring nears -- warm weather and happy hearts. Having an SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) child makes the seasonal changes less than enjoyable. Whereas most of us can't wait to ditch the heavy sweaters and winter coats, an SPD child is unprepared for the coming shift of textures, weights and temperatures. Its literally like shedding skin, which I can only imagine is an uncomfortable process. So every day has presented new problems. Even being in bed, how skin feels between the sheets (slippery and wet, as Abigail calls it), or how short sleeve shirts feel tight, and bare legs exposed, every decision is labored with the struggle to unveil her new skin. In a way every season introduces each of us to new skin, renewal, another chance, a new beginning, yet the process is always a struggle.



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