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Recap: Lost (S3E14)

Thursday March 29th 2007

by Paul Armstrong
EXPOSE What we Learned:
  • Flashback Focus: Nikki and Palo, oh how little we knew thee. The show opens with a frantic Nikki digging in the dirty, burying something and wandering toward Sawyer and Hurley; collapsing in a heap managing only to say "Pilates" or "Palo Lies" or "Paralysed". Then we learn Nikki was an up and coming actress, seducing a rich producer in Australia. Palo is the cook to the rich man. But Nikki and Palo are in cahoots, killing the rich man and stealing his diamonds. Nikki and Palo are not so innocent as they seem. After the crash they obsess over finding the diamonds. They fight. Palo finds them; lies to Nikki; and hides them. Finally we're brought to present day (after seeing Nikki and Palo poorly re-inserted into Seasons 1 & 2 in an attempt to give legitimacy to their existence on the show) to where Nikki confronts Palo with his nicotene gum (which was in the bag with the diamonds that Palo claimed he never found) and she throws a spider on him. He's bit, he's paralyzed, he's down for the count (but not dead). Then more spiders come, bite Nikki and she runs to bury the diamonds (that she found on Palo, in his pants of course), falls paralyzed. Then, they're buried alive!
  • Sun found out that Charlie drug her into the jungle, not the Others. She's sorta pissed about that (but doesn't punch Sawyer, or did she and I feel asleep?)
  • Ben likes to exploit people
  • Juliet always had the hots for Jack
  • Hurley can still play ping pong.
  • Desmond is still Scottish
  • Jin still doesn't speak English
  • The island is still an island
What we still will never ever learn because the show is in an endless cycle of meandering to which we'll get 3 episodes that will explain the whole show being a dream in Jack's head and that he's the paralyzed one and everyone in the cast is are the doctors and people he's seen on the street
  • So what don't we know -- um, how about everything ... the black smoke, the monster (are they the same), the huge statue feet, the Others, the other Others, the island, the submarine, the magical box, Desmonds powers, Penny ...
  • Next Week Kate and Juliet fight. And I bet that really is all that will happen.
And that's it. That's what happened. It was a recap episode with characters we didn't care about, with no connection to anyone; being buried alive. Ugh. At least they unloaded unnecessary characters (to which I think they could have just ignored them and no one would care -- they were never a mystery of the island). Why bother talking about what we don't know at this point, as we're right back were we've been this entire season; wandering around confused.



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