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Recap: Lost (S3E15)

Monday April 9th 2007

by Paul Armstrong
What We Learned:
  • FLASHBACK FOCUS: Kate. Again. Not a completely necessary flashback, though we do see that Kate had a lengthy and important interaction with Cassidy (Sawyer's girlfriend whom he unwilling conned). Cassidy helps Kate to have a final word with her mom, basically to say "Why?" ("Why did you turn me in?"). When Kate confronts her mom in the restaurant bathroom; after Cassidy spills some soup on her, Kate learns that her mom really doesn't like her much. So Kate cries, feels abandoned (and proceeds to abandon everyone else she loves in some sort of retroactive ineffective payback to her mom.)
  • Locke bought Ben's line about his "special" purpose with the island and leaves with the Others to ... have a séance?
  • Kate is gassed and left in the woods, handcuffed to Juliet. They have a nice little tussel over Jack; where basically Juliet calls Kate out for being a whore. But they pull themselves together, then get chased by the black smoke (which took pictures of Juliet, which means she's going to die), active the electric fence keeping the pup in the yard. Then Juliet has a key for the cuffs, Kate gets mad, finding out that Juliet did the cuffing on purpose (so that she won't get left behind again).
  • Kate and Juliet go back to Mr. Benjamin's Neighborhood to get Sayid and Jack, and head back for the island
  • Hurley does a nice con on Sawyer, convincing him that he's about to get voted off the island if he doesn't start to get nice. And it actually works. Hurley explains that he did it because Sawyer is the next defacto leader of the group -- with Jack, Sayid, Kate, Locke gone.
What We Don't Know (or, What We UnLearned)
  • Where did Locke and the Others go?
  • Is Locke merely "playing along" to find out more about the Others -- doing unto others?
  • Will Kate learn that Sawyer is the man Cassidy wanted revenge on (most likely through Juliet, since they know about Saywer's cons, and kid, with Cassidy)?
  • Will the black smoke monster kill Juliet? Why does it take "pictures" of its victims? How did it get there if the Others know nothing of it?
  • Was Juliet really left behind, or is she just another "plant" like Ethan to gain information and divide the survivors?
  • Will Sawyer be pissed that he has to give the reins back to Jack when he returns?
  • When will we ever learn about the giant statue feet!?
  • Michael, Walt? Hello?
  • Penny? Are you there? Do you have a submarine?
Not a bad episodes, compared to last week (and most of this season). We learned a little bit, propelled forward, but I think we'll be left with a giant cliff hanger that doesn't close any loose ends (but I'm infinitely cynical with the show now; they are on a short leash). Sorry for the delay in posting --- the holidays and all.



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