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Recap: Lost (S3E17)

Thursday April 19th 2007

by Paul Armstrong

Another pretty solid outing by the LOST crew. Let's dive in and see if we learned or discovered anything.



What We Learned:

  • FLASHBACK FOCUS: Desmond We know that Desmond loved Penny, Penny's father hated Desmond (and threatened him; much like Sun's father did with Jin), Desmond broke up with Penny, found a boat, did a race and got stranded for 3 years on our island here. Well, we jump way way back to a monastery. Desmond believes he was called to be a monk, though his fiance of 6 years (when he's confronted by her -- father? brother?) believes he's just afraid and runs away. Anyway, Desmond raids the wine cellar where the monks make high caliber wine; gets booted out, and ends up with Penny. There you have it. Interesting, but not really
  • Meanwhile, Desmond has a vision. Hurley with a cable. A red flashing light in the clouds. The picture of Desmond and Penny. And Charlie getting an arrow to the jugular.
  • Jack still like Juliet. Kate is jealous then in a reaction goes back to Sawyer. Sawyer figures out her motives, and seems genuinely hurt
  • Desmond gathers the people he saw in his vision -- Hurley, Jin, Charlie -- and goes to look for the cable on the beach. All the puzzle pieces of Desmond's vision come together, though he only reveals bits and pieces to the others as they go. As they camp at night they hear a helicopter, struggle, then some noises and a splash as it falls to the ocean. Then they see the red flashing beacon. Follow the light into the jungle; where Charlie nearly gets killed by the arrow/booby trap. They find what Desmond believes is Penny -- who came back to find him -- snarled in the trees, unresponsive.
  • As Desmond cuts down the parachuter, they take off the helmet to find -- its not Penny, but some stranger who says "Desmond?"

What We Don't Know:

  • Who is this mysterious person that feel from the sky (for a second I thought it was Alex)? Why did they have a picture of Desmond and Penny? And "Catch-22" the book (in Portuguese)? Its not one of the people we saw in the last episode of Season 2 in the frozen North -- but I wonder if we've seen them in any flash backs?
  • What happened to the helicopter? Why did it crash?
  • Anyone else think that the picture on the monk's desk was important (though shown to briefly?) Well, here we go. The mystery woman, from "Flashes Before My Eyes", at the antique store; who informed Desmond of his path of seeing the future. Obviously the monk fired Desmond and had him go with Penny for a reason.
  • NEXT WEEK: Sun gets worried about her pregnancy. People wonder who the mystery skyfaller is. Locke gets punched in the face -- and people look generally panicked



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