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Recap: Lost (S3E18)

Friday April 27th 2007

by Paul Armstrong
    What We Learned:
  • FLASHBACK FOCUS: Sun and Jin Sun and Jin were happy early on in their marriage.
  • Crash-land Chick is INCREDIBLY language gifted -- I think she spoke about every known language. Some woman blackmails Sun by telling her that she'll reveal who Jin's real parents are -- for $100,000 she'll keep it quiet. Sun asks her father for the money, and he gives it to her, but as payment for the debt Jin will have to "work for him" -- thus we know how Jin became the "heavy". That's about the only foreseeable point to that.
  • Russian ear-bleeder man is alive, apparently he isn't deaf either (how's that possible?) then proceeded to con Desmond into allowing him to leave in exchange for helping Crash-land Chick. So he pulls out the branch in her lung, she coughs, he leaves -- everyone is mad at Desmond.
  • Sun demands to know what's up with the woman and pregnancies on the island from Juliet. Juliet takes her to the medical hatch (in the middle of the night of course) and gets an ultra-sound to determine when she became pregnant. If she got pregnant before being on the island, the baby and Sun will be fine (but, the baby wouldn't be Jin's); if she got pregnant on the island, well, the baby would be Jins, but Sun and the baby wouldn't survive past the 3rd trimester. In the end, we find out that the baby is Jin's; and that Sun may die, or maybe not (my guess is that she won't).
  • Hurley bombards Crash-land Chick with questions, and when she hears that they are from Oceanic 815, she says its impossible, they found the plane, and that everyone was dead (cue music of doom).
    What We Don't Know:
  • What exactly did the public see with the Oceanic Flight 815 -- were there bodies? Does this mean that the survivors are all clones and brought to the Island; just like the movie The Island; and they're just organ harvesters?
  • How is Russian dude alive? How?
  • Will Sun die? Will Jin die? Will anyone care?
  • Where's Locke?
  • TIme for Will we ever learn ... ... what happened to Michael and Walt? ... what the dealio is with the black smoke? ... the purpose of those huge statue feet? ... why the woman can't conceive?



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