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Recap: Lost (S3E20)

Thursday May 10th 2007

by Paul Armstrong
    What We Learned
  • FLASHBACK FOCUS: Ben Linus Wow. One of the more meaningful flashbacks in the past 2 seasons. Ben was born as his mother died. His father resented him. The man who "picked them up" after the pregnancy found Ben's father (Roger) a job with Dharma Initiative as a "work man" (yes, the Roger found in the VW van by Hurley). Ben is quiet, has no friends (except a nice girl, who I assume dies) and hates his father. Soon he has visions of seeing his mother, escapes the compound and mets an ageless Richard. Richard tells Ben to be patient. Years later Ben plots with the "hostiles" (Richard and whoever else) to kill off Dharma (and namely, his father). This is the "incident" which the Dharma orientation films talked about.
  • Sawyer passes the tape with Juliet around the camp (first Sayid, then Kate, then everyone else).
  • Jack was off in the woods with Juliet; they return to find a coup waiting for them. Juliet tells Sawyer to flip the tape over -- where they hear Ben -- telling Juliet to marks tents of women who might be pregnant and they will come and take them. Jack says "I think we need to catch up".
  • Locke is back. He demands Ben tell him everything about the island. Ben says he isn't the man in charge. Locke says he's a liar (the man behind the curtain). Ben says "the guy" is Jacob, so Locke says "Take me to Jacob" -- and to make his point beats the hell out of Mikhail -- Ben concedes. In a very Norman Bates moment, Ben talks to an empty chair (to "Jacob"), Locke gets pissed and calls Ben insane. Soon the walls shake, the glass breaks and we see the flash of a face that says "Help meee". The next morning Ben takes Locke to the mass grave of the Dharma people, shoots Locke and leaves him to die. WHAT. THE. HELL.
    What We Don't Know
  • How did the hostiles get to the island? Who are they?
  • Is Jacob just a figment of Ben's mind? Did Locke really hear something?
  • Is Locke really dead?
  • Did Ben really see his mom (like Locke saw his dad, and Kate the horse, etc)? Why did Richard question Ben the way he did about the "vision" -- did that dude save her life, was it planned (the delivery and birth)?
  • Where is the island? What is up with the blacksmoke and the whispers?
  • Will we EVER see Michael and Walt? I'd figure that Walt had some important stuff to add to the mythology of the island.
  • What about the "Black Rock" -- how did it get there (so inland)? Are those survivors what is considered the "hostiles" who are now the "others"?
Whoa. I must say, this episode nailed it on many levels. Many. I'm speechless.



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