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Recap: Heroes (S1E22)

Tuesday May 15th 2007

by Paul Armstrong
CHAPTER 22: LANDSLIDE This episode should be subtitled Bloodbath as so many people are killed in this episode
    What We Learned:
  • Peter gets control over his new power (from Ted). Claire and Ted are going to escape to Nebraska. Matt overhears the thoughts of Sylar somewhere nearby and everyone tries to be elusive.
  • Linderman assures Nathan that he'll win, and reveals his power -- healing touch -- and gives Heidi her legs back
  • Hiro and Ando find a repair shop for the sword; only to run into Hiro's dad who explains he's been waiting for Hiro to complete his journey (so that he can train Hiro to be a warrior). Ando meanwhile, thinks he's got something left to do and goes after Sylar
  • Candice (Ms. Shapeshifter -- who eluded to her true form as probably a fatty) and Micah are bonding; and Linderman asks Micah to help him by helping rig the election (in favor of Nathan). So Micah does, and either gets incredibly tired, or did something else and was being mischievous.
  • Sylar calls the FBI and Ted is caught (while Matt, Claire and Mr. Bennett escape). Ted in turn is uncorked by Sylar (death #1).
  • As Micah is rigging the election DL and Nikki/Jessica pop in on Linderman, who attempts to bribe Jessica to kill DL; only to have Nikki appear, DL to get shot by Linderman, and Linderman to have his brain squashed (death #2) by the dying hand of DL (death #3)
  • Mr. Bennett goes with Matt to get the "tracking system". Along the way they run into Thompson, who gets shot by Mr. Bennett (death #4). Matt and Bennett in turn attempt to find the "tracking system" -- who is Molly. Too bad it never occurred either one of them that they didn't have to kill her, but merely use her for themselves. Duh. Mohinder then points a gun at Mr. Bennett, who in turn is pointing a gun at Molly -- still never thinking, well, we'll just use her talents for good ...
  • Nathan wins the election in a landslide; just as predicted.
    What We Don't Know
  • Only one more episode left and so far, everything is happening precisely as seen by Hiro and Ando in the future. I guess you really can't change the course of time? Is there a twist left we haven't seen? Has Micah done something behind the scenes?
  • Faceoff : Peter and Sylar will face off next week; I assume with all the other Heroes coming to his aid in a final battle of insane proportions.
From what I hear (aside from the short run spin-off series Heroes: Origins) that each season will be new, new characters, new settings and missions -- will the season end as a cliff hanger, leading us to the future, or the past, or another story somewhere else? Good stuff, can't wait to see how it ends (will it be a normal hour long show, anyone know?)



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