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Recap: LOST (S3E21)

Thursday May 17th 2007

by Paul Armstrong
    What We Learned:
  • FLASHBACK FOCUS: Charlie Again, completely unnecessary flashback. The emotion of the scenes without the flashbacks were fine. I understand why they did them -- to relive Charlie's greatest moments/memories of his life -- since he thought he was going to die; but more attention could and should have been given to the island and what was happening there. Basically we learn that 1) Charlie can jump and swim; 2) Charlie had a menage e trois; 3) He likes to be dramatic. Desmond tells Charlie he's going to drown, but if he doesn't, then a helicopter won't come and rescue Claire and Aaron. Charlie is compelled to be heroic.
  • The plan to defeat the Others as they come "to take the women" is put into full gear -- the plan? To use dynamite from the Black Rock to blow the hell out of them. Unfortunately Karl comes and tells them that Ben and the jerkfaces are on their way -- right now.
  • Sayid says he can get Naomi's radio working, if he turns of Rousseau's signal --- Juliet says it would matter because all signals are jammed from the island, via the Looking Glass station (the station that Charlie must swim to, press a yellow button and die -- according to Desmond's vision).
  • Charlie makes his top 5 greatest hits (of his life) and says his goodbyes without letting anyone know his fate.
  • Ben is crazed.
  • Bernard and Rose aren't dead -- and bicker -- and ... well, they just showed up for no apparent reason.
  • Jack is ... Jack; dramatically indignant and scowling.
  • Desmond attempts to take Charlie's place on the dive; only to get smacked upside the head by an oar by Charlie
  • Charlie jumps into the water, and gets inside of the "Looking Glass" unit; only to find 2 women with guns waiting for him.
    What We Don't Know
  • Is Locke alive?
  • Who is Jacob? Is he real? Is he "the island" itself?
  • Who are these women in the "Looking Glass" station? Are they pregnant? Are they fleeing? How do they have food? Are they Others?
  • Is that shark going to kill Charlie?
  • Will we EVER see Walt and Michael ever?
  • Will we ever learn of the Libby story -- and her connection (with the mental hospital stay, the boat she gave to Desmond, etc?)
  • Can Naomi be trusted? Will Claire and Aaron really be rescued?
Decent episode, but not as strong as the 3 previous -- the flashbacks are completely unnecessary at this point. Next weeks final (2 hour) looks intense, and I hope it delivers.



Comments for "Recap: LOST (S3E21)"

I was bored during this entire episode.

I quite liked this episode. What's worrying though, is that we've passed through an entire season - again - and still learned very little.

And they're still introducing new characters!

Good point about introducing new characters. And with the announcement of the series running through 2010, we know that we have 3 more seasons of nothing to look forward to.

And what the hell is up with Michael and Walt not being in a single episode this year?

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