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Recap: Heroes (S1E23)

Tuesday May 22nd 2007

by Paul Armstrong
    What We Learned
  • In the season finale (and what is supposed to be a "wrap up" of a self contained season) all the pieces, somewhat come together. Molly, Mohinder, Matt and Mr. Bennett figure out that they can locate Sylar and stop him. Peter informs Mr. Bennett that Ted is dead -- which changes the plans. Peter must stop Sylar. Molly says something very interesting "There's only one person I can't locate -- because he sees me when I do" ... weird.
  • Hiro saves Ando from being decapitated by Sylar; and brings him back to where it all started -- back at work
  • Nikki goes to find Micah (leaving DL to bleed to death in the hallway). Nikki then sees "Jessica" -- they fight -- and Nikki figures out that she's got the power of Jessica and that its not really Jessica but the shape-shifter; finds Micah, escape and runs into Molly, Matt, Mohinder and Mr. Bennett in the hallway. What a happy family.
  • Peter passes out and has a vision of the past -- and has a conversation with Charles Deveaux (Simone's dad). Peter overhears his mother call him weak and will the destruction of New York City upon his shoulders. Charles confides (somehow, either in reality or in a dream) that Peter can change what happens. Meanwhile Nathan is bullied by his mom.
  • Outside the offices of Kirby Plaza Peter and Sylar face off. All the other heroes do their part to bring him down (Nikki smacks him in the face with a parking meter) and Hiro appears and stabs Sylar through the heart. Peter is glowing, burning, and can't stop. Just as Claire is about to shoot him, Nathan flies in and does what is right -- he flies Peter into sky; and they bother explode --- avoiding the destruction of New York, saving the world.
  • Call me Noah. Nice. The name fits.
  • After Hiro stabs Sylar, Sylar throw Hiro toward his death and Hiro jumps time. We end Volume One and begin Volume Two with Hiro in the 1600's Japan. A battle. A field. An eclipse. And stupid voice over of feel good humanism by Suresh.
    What We (still) Don't Know
  • Who is this person that Molly is afraid to find!? Freaky -- I say its Mrs. Petrelli (or Charles)
  • Whats up with Hiro going to the past? Why?
  • What exactly can Mrs. Petrelli do? -- obviously she's manipulative, she also seemed to be the instigator of the entire endeavor (and saying there was someone more important, more powerful, than Linderman -- which my guess is her)
Overall, I felt a bit rushed for a finale, and pretty predictable -- still good, but the final battle was anticlimatic and the closure was less than stellar (good, but not up to par with what the show has done).



Comments for "Recap: Heroes (S1E23)"

I agree. It had its moments but wasn't fantastic. I enjoyed Nikki smacking Sylar with the parking meter, I admit. I also found myself yelling at Hiro, "Decapitate him, idiot! Make sure he's dead!" And wouldn't ya know it, there's the mysterious blood trail to the manhole at the end. Maybe it was from watching too many Highlander reruns, but why oh why would you assume a simple stab through the gut would a kill a guy who's absorbed who-knows-how-many powers??

Yeah, we screamed the exact same thing ... "CHOP HIS FREAKIN HEAD OFF!!!!". Its sorta sad that Peter is dead (unless somehow he's able to survive that?). I forgot about Sylar snarking off to the underground. I wonder if they'll play into that at all next season.

so, did anyone else notice the cockroach on top of the manhole (hate that word) cover that sylar went into? and how come no mention of the fact that it looks like kensei that hiro lands with there in the past (notice the flag?)

it was a bit too feel-goody that nathan and peter flew off together.

i agree with the decapitation thoughts. i was hoping for it.

i still want to know what hiro's dad's power is. he never revealed it, just taught hiro how to fight.

what ever happened to claire's bio mom? i kow she supposedly went to mexico, but what happened after that? i want her to come back and move to north carolina and open up a pit BBQ restaurant. oh the irony.

Yeah, I noticed the cockroach, I think it was probably an allusion to how a cockroach survives most anything.

I did notice the flag, the symbol -- and I'd assume its Kensei, its the right time period. I'm just not sure how any of it fits in; but I suppose that's the point.

I guess I had lots of high hopes for this episode and it sort of trailed off from the smart show it was during the season.

Sylar should have died. A couple people with guns, one girl with super strength, a guy who could stop time and a guy who had all sorts of powers and all they do is stab him? Lame.

Also, can't Peter fly? Why didn't he just fly to the desert, blow up, heal and go home and take a shower?

I think Ms. Petrelli's power might be clairvoyance. The reason I say this is at the beginning of the series, Peter was having dreams about the future. He might have absorbed his mom's power.

I'm hoping this Volume 2: Generations explains the connections between, the older heroes (linderman, petrelli, nakimura, deveaux)

Anyone notice that the "Kensei" looked a lot like Hiro's Dad beneath that mask?

Good points Jeremy. I thought that too ... Peter can fly and heal, so he should have been fine. But then again, Peter isn't the brightest bulb in the box. Good point about his dreams -- that would make a lot of sense.

Kensei did look like Hiro's dad -- perhaps.

Check out the Heroes Wiki site to look at the significance of the cockroach. It has been present throughout the show as the pinnacle of evolution.

Here's a sneak peek of Mohinder's "genius" (sarcasm intended) with cockroaches:

Mohinder also taught that the cockroach is capable of living for months without food, can remain alive headless for weeks at a time, is resistant to radiation. Mohinder jokes that if God has indeed created Himself in His own image, then He is a cockroach.

Speculation about the cockroach:

Is the cockroach the ONE person that Molly doesn’t want to ever find?

The cockroach was there just to play on the old saying that cockroaches will be the only things able to survive a disaster that destroys all man. Our heroes averted the disaster and we survive — alongside the cockroach, reminding us how close our demise was.

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