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Recap: Lost (S3E22)

Wednesday May 23rd 2007

by Paul Armstrong
    What We Learned
  • FLASHBACK FOCUS:Jack So, Jack got really depressed, tried to kill himself (by jumping off a bridge) and caused an accident -- fortunately Jack is in the business of saving live, and is able to save the people (whose accident he's responsible for). Jack is a drunk. A druggie. Desperate and sad. I assume he visits the casket of his father(?), steals drugs from the hospital and nearly gets fired.
  • The plan to blow up the Others mostly works, except Jin misses the dynamite and they get captured. So Sayid, Bernard and Jin are at the mercy of Ryan and Tom and some other random people. Those that leave hear 2 explosions, and get a nervous.
  • Jack leads everyone toward the radio tower to turn it off. Sawyer decides that he's going back to see if everyone is OK, Juliet says she'll go too, to retrieve guns -- Jack lets them go. Along the way Juliet tells Sawyer there are no guns, that she said that so Jack would let them go. Hurley shows up, asking to help too.
  • We see Locke in the pit of death, his legs not working, finding a gun to kill himself ... when we hear a voice. IT'S WALK -- WTF!!! He says "You can walk. Get up. You have things to do". Whoa.
  • Charlie is getting pummeled by the 2 angry chicks, and they demand to know how he got there (since no one is to know). They call Ben, who figures out that Juliet told them. Charlie believes he's going to die, so he doesn't care what they do to him. Desmond wakes up, gets shot at by Mikhail (from the shore) and he dives down to Charlie.
  • Ben takes Alex to intercept Jack and everyone else before they get to the tower and to stop them. Ben appeals to Jack to not allow Naomi to call "the boat" with her phone -- that she isn't who she says she is; and if Jack allows it Ben will order Sayid, Bernard and Jin to be shot. Ben starts the count down -- 10, 9, 8, 7 -- Jack doesn't budge; and we believe that Sayid, Bernard and Jin are killed -- and then beats the hell out of Ben
  • Sawyer and Juliet arrive at the beach, seeing Sawyer and Bernard and Jin at gun point (still alive), Hurley comes hurtling through the jungle in the VW van, and saves the day. They radio Jack to tell them that everyone is ok.
  • Mikhail goes nuts, kills the chicks; and Desmond comes around and kills Mikhail. Charlie get the code (its the tune of "Good Vibrations") and the jam is shut down. Suddenly Penny appears on a monitor -- Charlie asks where her boat is; to which she's confused, and mentions Naomi, to which Penny again has no idea what he's talking about. Meanwhile Desmond notices that Mikhail is gone, and then we see him outside the pod, with a grenade. Charlie locks himself in the room, the explosion goes off and the room floods. Charlie has time to write a message on his hand -- "Not Penny's Boat" -- and then dies.
  • Naomi attempts to signal her "crew", Ben (now tied up) pleads with Jack -- then Locke appears out of nowhere, throwing a knife into Naomi, and tells Jack to not allow this to happen (pointing a gun at Jack). But Jack ignore Locke ...
  • We jump back to junky Jack, calling someone (whom we assume is Sarah); but it turns out its Kate, and we're in the future (pulling a Battlestar stunt), and Jack tells her that them escaping was a mistake (and you have to believe him).
    What We're Left With
  • Who is Kate with? Who died (it looked like a small casket)?
  • How much time has passed since being rescued and where we see bearded Jack
  • Did everyone get rescued? Who rescued them?
  • What did Jack mean by "tired of lying"; what are they lying about? Where they were? What they saw?
  • Was that really Walt or a vision?
Well, it was interesting to see LOST use a Battlestar Galactica ploy of ending a session by jumping to the future -- which means next season will be piecing together how we arrived at where they are. Its interesting, but I can't say is that its helpful. They do have 3 seasons to fill though, so I'm guessing we'll be derailed into the future lives of those who escaped, what's happened to them (and how they're lives are worse off for leaving); and we'll piece together how they got rescued, etc. I'm sad that Charlie died -- that was a pretty good (though emotionally predictable).



Comments for "Recap: Lost (S3E22)"

What was the newspaper clipping Jack kept looking at in his flashback (or should I say flashforward?)?

Perhaps an obituary of one of his Island compadres? Could it be Sawyer in that casket?

Thanks for the lowdown, Paul. I kinda had a post-finale moment of insanity. Fortunately, blog writing is cathartic. : )

Click my name (clame) for a close up of the clipping ... I can't make it out.

It also seems Michale can't die. Electrocuted, beaten to hell, shot in the heart ... but still lives. Much like Richard, they seem to not age, not die.

I didn't watch the season finale, but found your recap probably better than wasting my time with the real thing. Heros has also used the flash forward and piece together the puzzle thing. I need to find another show to fixate upon. Too bad they cancelled drive. That had real promise. A single season of it would have kicked some arse.

Man, I can't stop wondering what is going to happen next season. For some reason, I actually thought the person in the casket might be Ben. When Kate mentioned she had had to go home, 'He' would be waiting, I just assumed it was Sawyer. Also, what was up wen Jack told Kate "I love you", was that like a friendly I love you or the real thing, I couldn't figure it out. I am glad that Charlie went out like that. It was probably the most graceful death on the show.

The question is, whose death would have produced those results?
1) Jack is so broken up over it that he just about commits suicide.
2) No one goes to the funeral (or rather, the viewing)
3) Kate doesn't seem too upset about it

I think Jack's "I love you" wasn't supposed to have a romantic connotation, but it just showed that he cared more about her than anyone else on the island.

Yeah, its obviously a male (by the clip) -- otherwise I'd say Juliet. The casket seemed small. I think its a kid or something. Most likely the "it" (who died, who Kate's with, who came and who stayed, etc); ought to actually be interesting. Even though its a modern story telling ploy, the more I reflect on it, the more I like the move.

Click my name for an image of the casket. Its obviously small.

Also; how in the world was Penny just there ... when Charlie got a transmission? I know she was looking for Desmond, but she can't do it non-stop ...

Did anyone else think that Charlie's death was unnecessary? I think that if he hadn't known that he was going to die, he wouldn't have. Was it necessary for him to close the door? Couldn't he and Desmond both have swum out before the whole station flooded?

Is it just me, or was anyone else a bit disappointed with this episode. The beginning of the episode w/ the music just seemed weird, and just about every 5 minutes it went to a commercial. Jack's beard was ridiculously fake to the point we were starting to think he glued it on for some other reason.

We totally guessed the flash-forward or "present day" idea, and the fact that Walt would make an appearance. My guess is it was all in Locke's mind, like when he saw the wolf while meditating.

I did however love the fact that Ben was all "this is the beginning of the end" and why are you so trusting of this parachute girl.

Charlie's death was sad. I thought he was a pretty good character, and I loved the Desmond/Charlie parts. I kept saying, hold your breath and go through the hole when the room fills completely up.

Sorry I wrote so much, but no one at the office watched it! I thought the casket was something Jack setup to see if anyone cared if he died. Of course, it's probably not the case, but an afterthought.

@Mike: Sonya and I totally said that too -- just leave and lock the door! Or at least wait till the water fill up and exit; though I doubt he'd fit through the hole. I think you're right, had he not known he was "supposed" to die, he'd have saved himself.

I actually was "meh" on the episode until I started to think about it more. There are a world of opportunities, and means to propel, not merely complicate, the story -- especially doing a "look back" technique. Maybe the Dharma Initiative rescued everyone, in exchange for their silence and cooperation. Dharma reinstituted their research, fended off the "hostiles" (who probably have a new leader in Locke) and tried to set up camp again (my guess Naomi as sent by Dharma).

Anyone (of the rescued) who is caught "blabbing" is killed, which is why Kate and Jack are so secretive, and why Jack seems distraught over the death -- maybe a good number of them have been killed or "died" (mysteriously) and Jack just can't take it -- doesn't want to lie or hide. It's a new means of "flashback", and a new setting in the present.

Perhaps its like Back to the Future II -- an alternate reality based on what might have happened if Jack phoned for help/rescue.

Wake me up in 2010 after all the seasons have come out on DVD and I can Netflix them. Until then, I'm done. This show is just getting ridiculous. This last episode had a strong "The Nine" feeling to it and that just made me want to throw up.

As long as it doesn't finally end with it all being a dream.... "Auntie Em? I'm back in Kansas?"

I bet it ends in a circle with an open ending.

Last episode, last scene: Screen is filled by close up of a human eye. The camera pulls back and Jack is on his back on an island. He is torn and tattered with a full beard. he turns to see plane wreckage and people screaming and running for their lives. Camera turns back to Jack and you see him smile. Cut to black. LOST logo fades in with that whining horn sound.

why did jack tell the new head of medicine to go up to his dad's office and see if he was drunker than he was? didn't jack's dad die and he was taking his body back on the original flight that crashed? or was it just cuz he was on drugs?

Yeah, it's becoming more apparent that whatever forces are at work on/in the island, they either access alternate realities or they fundamentally alter reality. I think that in the future we saw in this episode, Jack's dad is still alive.

As for Charlie's unnecessary death, in talking with folks at work, someone said that Charlie let himself die because he believed that it was the only way for Claire and baby to be rescued. Remember when Desmond said, "If you don't die, they don't get on the helicopter." So this makes his death a bit more believable, though still sad.

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