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Recap: LOST (S4E3)

Friday February 15th 2008

by Paul Armstrong
THE ECONOMIST It's been awhile since I've recapped, hope you'll forgive, but there's some amazing stuff to dive into. Quick Recap Recap: What's happened up to this episode? Well, in the future Hurley see's visions of Charlie, freaks out, goes on a police chase, ends up in a Psych hospital seeing dead Charlie again. Locke and Jack split up the survivors into groups those who want to be rescued and those who think its a trap. These 4 rescuers unknowingly work for Dharma -- looking for Benjamin Linus. In the real world the wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815 is discovered and confirmed the dead. And ... that does it.
    What We Learned
  • Flashfoward Focus: Sayid Sayid is playing a lovely round of golf, looking trim and fit and content (it can't be the future, can it -- aren't the Oceanic 6 deshelved and crazy?). A man drives up in a cart, challenges Sayid to make a chip-shot to the green with a 7 iron. They wager who can get close to the hole with which club. The man innocently asks what Sayid does, "Nothing. I got a large sum of money in a settlement. I'm one of the Oceanic 6". The dude looks panicked, hits his shot (and get closer to the pin) and begins to leave saying he doesn't want Sayid's money, Sayid calls him by name "I insist, Mr Avellino" (which the fellow never told him) and shoots him.
  • Back in the past -- or future -- or present -- whatever -- The potential rescuers are figuring out how to get Charlotte from Locke. Sayid volunteers.
  • The rescue shunners are still trying to find Jacob's cabin ... and when Locke leads them to the place he thinks it ought to be, its not there. Ben does his normal mocking (and by this point, with all the beatings he's taken, should he be like blind and barely able to walk?).
  • Kate, Sayid and Miles go to "retrieve" Charlotte and go looking for Locke and the others at the old village compound. As they explore Ben's old house (by the urging of Miles) Sayid discovers a secret room behind a bookcase. Inside Locke finds a large closet full of nice suits, suitcases and drawers full of foreign currency and a multitude of passports. While exploring, Kate, Sayid and Miles are ambushed by Locke and the gang while at the compound (having used Hurley as a decoy). Sayid chats with Locke about taking Charlotte so that he can gain access to the boat and figure out what the "rescuers" intend.
  • Back in the future, Sayid is now in Germany getting coffee and meeting a nice young lady. They exchange some information -- Sayid works as a "headhunter" (nice) and Elsa works as a buyer for an "economist". He asks her for a date. We then find out that Sayid has been hired to take her out (much like he did Mr Avellino). They start a relationship. Kissy kissy.
  • Sayid returns with Charlotte (but not Kate or Miles), but Frank (the pilot) still agrees to take whomever to the boat because he was no fan of Miles.
  • Desmond grills Frank about who has hired them --- showing them the picture of he and Penelope that was on Naomi. Frank and Charlotte give glances to each other but say nothing
  • Frank, Sayid, Desmond and dead Naomi get on the helicopter and head toward the boat.
  • In the future Sayid is in bed with Elsa, and her pager goes off -- its her "boss". Sayid spills the beans about what he is (sorta) and tells her to get away from Berlin. Elsa is frantic and angry and then shoots Sayid; and proceeds to call her "boss", explaining (in German) that she got him, but he's not dead and that she will bring him in for question. Meanwhile Sayid inches his way toward his gun, and shots and kills Elsa. While examining her body he discovers a bracelet -- a bracelet that is exactly like one Naomi had on (unless he took that and gave it to Elsa?).
  • Daniel attempts a little experiment with Regina back on the boat; telling her to launch the pay load (toward a beacon he just set up). She begins to countdown the moment till impact -- Daniel searches the sky. When Regina reaches zero -- nothing has come. No payload. 31 minutes later the payload enters the sky and hits right near the target.
  • Sayid carries his broken body to what appears to be a animal shelter or animal hospital (reminiscent of the facilities that Juliet was in). He lumbers into a veterinarian office -- cabinets, shelves an operating table and a man in a white coat. The man asks Sayid to take off his jacket and beings to treat his wounds. The man asks Sayid what Elsa was trying to do; and says he has a new identity for him and a new name on the "list". And we see .... the man is BEN!. He tells Sayid he has to keep doing this if he wants to protect his friends.
    What We Don't Know What do we know? Not much. There are so many questions, so we'll just dive in.
  • Who is R.G. (the initials on the bracelet that both Naomi and Elsa had on)?
  • How is there a time gap on the island (31 minutes)?
  • Who is Regina?
  • Where is Penny -- we know she didn't hire these people (Matthew Abaddon did), was she involved with the Christine I ship (that discovered the "wreckage")
  • Why are the rescuers after Ben? And are they there to discover more about the island?
  • In the picture that Miles has of Ben, where is Ben (it doesn't appear to be the island at all)
  • How does Ben get off the island so frequently (we know he came to the island as a boy ... but with all those suits and passports and currency, its obvious he's able to leave)? Where does he go and what does he do?
  • Where'd that cow come from?
  • Frank claimed in episode 2 that the pilot found on in the wreckage of Flight 815 wasn't the guy they said it was -- who was it then, and how is Frank connected to it? Why would Oceanic purposely plant a fake wreckage plane? Are the bodies even real?
  • Who are the other 2 (of 6) survivors -- I say 2 because I don't think Ben can be considered a survivor of 815, since he wasn't on 815.
What a great new season thus far. The sad news -- only 5 more episodes to go. The good news -- the writers strike is over and there (supposedly) will be another 4 episodes produced (which we might get by early summer). What are your thoughts? What are the other big questions (I missed)?



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Love this new season...

i love the 'payload' experiment. here's a thought: if there's a 31 minute time gap on the island, but communication happens in realtime, then ostensibly any communications received on the island are actually a sneak peak into the future. that would be some powerful knowledge to have if you were a megalomaniac like, say, ben. might explain how juliet's husband got hit by a bus.

Hi Paul. I agree with Joshua too and am also thinking that the 31 minute gap is the reason Desmond can 'predict the future'. Maybe the big ol' magnet or whatever it was in the hatch that Locke blew up helped to sync the island with the outside world and since Desmond blew up in it, he somehow absorbed whatever it was the magnet did. Who knows though, it's LOST.

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