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Recap: LOST (S4E4)

Friday February 22nd 2008

by Paul Armstrong
    What We Learned
  • Flashforward: Kate After being rescued, Kate is on trial for all her past crimes. Jack testifies as to her "character" (lying about how she protected and fed the "8" survivors -- 2 other dying? -- and that he did not love her; whatever relevance that has).
  • Locke is a dictator, with a heart of gold.
  • Hurley got "Scooby Doo'd" by Kate, so that she could talk to Miles about what he knows
  • Miles gets 1 minute with Ben, and extorts $3.2 million to keep his mouth shut on Ben's location (to his boss). Ben doesn't even blink about the amount (and Miles said something to the effect, "Don't treat me like one of them, I know who you are")
  • Locke lovingly kicks Kate off the compound for her breech of trust. She finds solace with Sawyer.Where'd all this Kate might be pregnant talk come from?
  • Sun and Jin talk about where they want to raise their child; fully expecting to get off the island.
  • Jack keeps trying to call "the boat" to find out if Sayid is ok. No response. He demands Charlotte to call another line (for emergencies only). She asks Regina if the helicopter arrived, since it left over a day ago -- response; "No".
  • Kate's mom shows up during her trial (in the future) -- in a wheelchair -- and says she won't testify against Kate; that she just wants to see her grandson. Apparently Kate is a mom.
  • Kate gets 10 years probation (time-served) and goes home to see her son -- AARON!!! (now the final remarks made at the end of Season 3; Kate to Jack "I need to get back to him" make sense.
    What We Don't Know
  • How did Kate get Aaron? Does Claire die? Does she ask Kate to take him?
  • There's just one more survivor to find (we have Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sayid and Aaron) -- unless you count Ben (which I wouldn't).
  • Who are the other "2" that Jack mentioned as surviving the crash, but not on the island?
  • How does Ben have $3.2 million (we know he has currency and identities)
  • Next Week: We learn about the helicopter and the true intent of the "rescuers"



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Could it be possible that Aaron is not one of the 6? He wasn't technically on Oceanic Flight 815's manifest. He was born after the crash... Maybe?

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