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Recap: LOST (S4E08)

Thursday March 20th 2008

by Paul Armstrong
MEET KEVIN JOHNSON This is it; till the end of April.
    What We Learned
  • Flashfoward: Michael So Michael's on the boat, and he's there because he wants to die. But Ben wants him to sabotage the boat and "save his friends" or some such lie. So, Michael gets off the island, confesses his sins to Walt, who gets freaked out and never wants to see him again; and Michael tries to kill himself; over and over (but can't).
  • Apparently Tom is ... gay? He liked to "indulge"; as he tells Michael. He also shows Michael all the evidence of Widmore's plan; buying an old plane, digging up graves for bodies, and skinning the plane and corpses deep and declaring it as Oceanic 815 (knowing it'd cost to much to retrieve the bodies).
  • Ben is a lying liar who tells the truth, sometimes.
  • Michael is on the ship to sabotage it; and keep Widmore from killing everyone and keeping the island for himself (or so we're told).
  • Sayid confronts Michael on the boat; and takes him to the ship's captain; revealing his identity and motives.
  • Rosseau is dead, sniped down on her way to the "Temple" with Carl and Alex.
  • Carl is dead, also sniped.
  • Alex is alive, somehow; raising her arms in surrender saying she's Ben's daughter.
    What We Don't Know
  • Who's sniping? Is there a temple? Will we find some people we though were dead at the Temple?
  • What will the captain do with the news of Michael?
  • Is Ben telling the truth about Widmore? Is Penny in on the story? Is Widmore Dharma? Is Dharma even relevant anymore?
  • How does Tom manage to get off the island, roughly around the same time he's on the island beach in combat against Jin, Bernard and Sayid
  • Are their dual consciouses (the ones on the island being "past" ones; and the flash forwards being the actual?) -- and thus the "healing", inability to die, and strange "visions"?
  • Black smoke, 4 toes statue, the vanishing cabin of Jacob -- what are these things? Will we ever know?
Good stuff... it'll feel forever to get some answers; but what did you see (that I probably missed)?



Comments for "Recap: LOST (S4E08)"

Good episode & summary, bro! The only thing I can say about Tom being off the island when we thought he was on the beach.. well, don't we suspect that there's some weird time shift involving the island? Like time passes differently there than the rest of the world? I swear I remember a comment once when they flew back to the "rescue" boat. Or maybe I was dreaming.

Wouldn't Tom have still been alive when Michael was trying to kill himself? Remember he "died" only a couple days before Desmond and Sayid actually got to the boat. He could have been meeting with Michael sometime during Season 3... It makes me want to go back and watch Season 3 to see if Tom makes any comments about going to the main land.

Also, how would Ben have had the coordinates to call the boat on the radio and talk with Michael!? Ben's running the show.

Also also, I've been thinking about Sayid turning Michael in. Why would he do it? I'm thinking it's because Sayid is already working for Ben (as we saw in his flash forward) and when Michael tells them HE's working for Ben, Sayid doesn't believe him. Maybe?

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