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Recap: LOST (S4E9)

Friday April 25th 2008

by Paul Armstrong


THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME I've been lax (to say the least) in doing any sort of comprehensive recap. But let's be honest, what can you say about this season of LOST, other than "I'm so confused" and have meaningful insight (which I rarely have as it is). And let's be further honest and say that I've lax about everything (except work) lately. I have been keeping my parenthesis quota up though -- 3 cheers for that. Regardless, here's a synposis of the confusion that has ensued.

    What We('ve) Learned
  • Time and reality are not at all what it seems -- time seems inexact in as much as we're unsure who's living in "real" time and who's living in "trapped" time (we know for sure Desmond and are living in seemingly parallel times -- relying on their "constant").
  • Jacob is the man with the answers -- but only seems to "appear" to those he wants to speak to
  • The "security" on the boat -- those hired by Widmore to find the island -- they've killed off a good 8-10 people in about one afternoon -- including Alex, Rousseau and nearly Claire
  • Somehow the island has "portals" into other places -- like the Sahara desert (I guess one of the polar bears stumbled up on it as well?). Ben somehow winds up there -- in the future -- and then proceeds to find Sayid (and it appears to be something he's done often).
  • There was never any intent to rescue anyone. Daniel caved to this reality when grilled by Jack after he Morse-coded with the ship about the dead doctor (who washed ashore); trying to get away with a lie -- and for once Bernard was useful and deciphered the correctly). Daniel tried to pass it off as "things are fine, helicopter coming in the morning", but what he really recieved was "what are you talking about, the doctor is fine". This seems to indicate that the island is now ahead(?!) of the timeline of the boat?
  • Ben can make the "smoke monster" (or "security system") appear when he wants. Ben disappeared into his closet, and into some dungeon corridor and moments later reemerges sooty/dirty and the black smoke swoops in and attacks the guerrilla fighters from the boat.
  • Ben knows where Charles Widmore lives, and has his penthouse key -- and apparently, they have some unforeseen "rules" that they must abide by
  • Sayid married Nadia, only to have her killed (by WIdmor) which is how he comes into being the "gun for hire" of Ben
    What We Don't Know
  • What is the black smoke -- A machine? An entity? Who controls it and how?
  • What are the "rules"?
  • What time period is it truly -- and which is reality -- are the flashfowards merely the "now" and the island merely a "nowhere" -- but more a holding cell for traveling consciouses?
  • Statue foot? Anyone?
  • The Black Rock (boat) and the book which Widmore obtained ?
  • How does Widmore "own" the island? Why can't Ben kill him?

I know there are a TON more questions, what are so of your observations and questions?




Comments for "Recap: LOST (S4E9)"

I've really been enjoying the season. Granted, it's doing the typical LOST thing and just creating tons more questions without answering a ton of the old ones but the ride is enjoyable to say the least.

I think a few of your points make some assumptions that aren't entirely safe.

- The boat responding that the doctor is fine doesn't have to mean anything about time shifting, it could just be that they are lying.

- Was it implied that Ben ended up in the Sahara directly from the island? I did not get that impression. Yes he is off the island but I'm not sure he warped there.

- Ben has an elevator key, it may not be specific to Whidmore's penthouse.. looked kinda generic. But that's nit picky I suppose.

- I think the "rules" are much like any two war'ing factions - keep it business, not personal. Killing his daughter went over the line.. though I'm not sure how that's any different than killing three random people who refused to listen to Sawyer and "stay in the house."

I think Ben's face of bewilderment made me think that he had just "woken" up there ... much as Desmond found himself waking in alternate times (I was following the time thread they have established); besides the fact that he did not get off the island with everyone else (as Sayid acted surprised to see him off the island at all); my guess is that his frequent trips off the island (all the passports, money and "preferred member" status at hotels) are either meaning the island isn't an island, or it is the vortex of some worm-hole in time (thus, not able to be seen/found -- as Ben had told Widmore: "You'll never find it").

But I'd agree, I am making vast assumptions, which makes LOST pretty fun -- that you can journey on these wild ideas.

I had read recently that perhaps the "doctor is fine" alludes to Jack (though, not sure how?) And obviously they could be lying -- which would be a lie to cover a lie (being that Daniel lied, thinking no one knew Morse code).

I think there has to be something more omnious to the "rules" than just a Geneva treaty type deal. I think there must be literal limitations to what they can do (within some parameter).

The introduction of that whole "constant" and alternate time just makes the mind hurt ...

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