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36 Reasons To Be Happy To Be Turning 36 Years Old

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by Paul Armstrong

they're just shuffling the sheets


So, I'm turning 36 this Sunday, and as the years methodically pump by I find that its increasingly easier to find fault with life, people, things -- everything. And I know that 36 isn't "old", but its the oldest I've ever been. So, to prove I'm not a complete curmudgeon, here's 36 reasons its good (to me) to be alive (in no particular order).

  1. My Wife. I'd be a bastard if I didn't start there. I know my wife well. The idiosyncrasies. The hurts. The passions. I'm not naive, and we're not perfect; but there couldn't be a better companion for me in the world.
  2. My kids. I'm a husband and a father -- my kids are foremost on my mind 75% of my day. Its my duty and responsibility, and I love them enough to die for them.
  3. Parents. Obviously without them I'd not be turning 36. My parents are fantastic, amazing people -- they support my crazy, hair-brained ideas, quirky creativity (if you can call it that) and love me (and my family) unconditionally.
  4. My sister. My sister is awesome. Growing up we were friends. Though our interests didn't always mesh, I still somewhat seek her approval (ssh ... don't tell her --- oh wait, she can read this). I respect her immensely -- she's funny, fun loving, more compassionate than anyone I know, creative, and intelligent (like shamefully intelligent; whatever that means).
  5. My friends. All of you, out there, buzzing around. I love each of you. My friends keep my from imploding. Keep me motivated. Spur my creativity, ideas, love and compassion. Now give me work so I can feed my family (kidding, sort of, but not really)
  6. Ok ... gushy stuff is out of the way...
  7. Sus domestica. Pigs -- need I say more (bacon, sausage, ham, pork chop sandwiches)
  8. Whoopee Pies. If you've not had one (or heard of them), I'm sorry -- this Amish made treat is something special, the closest you might get is the Oreo Cakesters (but think of that 15x larger with 3x the filling .... mmmm)
  9. Stove top popcorn
  10. Coffee -- nothing makes a morning alive like warm, fresh roasted coffee, finely ground -- aroma fluttering throughout the house.
  11. Photography -- maybe one day I can do it (more) professionally -- sadly its an amazingly expensive career path (a good lens for $1600-3000 -- yeah, 1 lens)
  12. Philly Cheesesteaks
  13. Comedians without whom I'd find little humor in life; Jim Gaffigan, Demetri Martin, Mitch Hedberg, Brian Reagan, Mike Birbiglia, Lewis Black, Patton Oswalt, et al.
  14. Music. I honestly have no idea how I'd live without music; maybe its my failed attempt at being a musician (in college was on the cusp of signing with Tooth And Nail; but we all decided to go the boring route of jobs), but it fills me with joy, sadness, contemplation -- literally scores my life.
  15. Popping bubble wrap
  16. Movies/Film -- not nearly as pervasive as music, but films help me escape but also explore my life and my place in the world
  17. A truly great slice of pizza
  18. A cold Coca Cola when the weather is humid and the lawn mowers outside are the only sound in the air
  19. Costco. Impossible to spend less than $100 there. And churros. CHURROS. $1, yes please.
  20. Vices -- red wine, good Scotch/Whiskey, robust beers, a smoke of my pipe; things I know aren't necessarily good for me; but I'd rather be content than overworked, hyper-concerned about every little thing
  21. The smell of freshly printed brochures (design nerd, I know)
  22. Indian food (my favorite ethnic food)
  23. Expensive electronic toys that I break and/or become obsolete faster than cheese
  24. Remembering that it's Saturday when you wake up early; and going back to sleep.
  25. Arrested Development.. Best comedy show (hours of enjoyment). Go, watch it now.
  26. Young's Double Chocolate Stout
  27. My church. I've been a Christian my whole life, but I've never left more apart of a community and more genuine in what I believe than I do in my life right now. They've also allowed me explore my photography (and creativity).
  28. The butterflies right before the plunge down a rollercoaster
  29. Finding that perfect pair of shoes
  30. The soft texture of a dogs' ear
  31. The inter-webs -- great resources, information, communication and distractions; I'm not sure I'm better for it, but there's no going back
  32. A long, full nights sleep on a cozy winter day.
  33. Donuts -- only Dunkin Donuts
  34. Work. I love what I do (about 96% of the time). I know there are many people who can't say the same thing, and I feel fortunate for that.
  35. The relief after a good bowel movement (too much information? you know you feel the exact same way)
  36. the Cincinnati skyline
  37. The eternal and epic battle of the Unicorn lords versus the Pegasus underlings



Comments for "36 Reasons To Be Happy To Be Turning 36 Years Old"

These are all good things.

Just started watching Arrested Development for the first time recently. Love.

i ordered some of your coffee. If it's not delicious, i know where you live.

#34. wtf.

Wow, I didn't think anybody else had heard of whoopy pies! You should try my moms sometime. They're the best I've ever had (and I've had a lot :)).

I hope you all are doing well. It has been a while. Love to catch up sometime

Sheesh. Make me get all teary-eyed, why don't you??? (no, really. Why don't you? I need all I can get. Sthlethiously).

Happy Bday, Bro! Enjoy it.

And dread the plans I have for your annual bday quest! BWAHAHAHA!!!! naw. Just kiddin'. No public embarrassment. Honest.

I'll overlook the "shamefully" intelligent comment...since it's all an act. Shhhh.... don't tell or I'll sick the Geegees on you (how's that for a crazy, inside, sibling joke??)

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