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Recap: LOST (S4E13)

Thursday May 29th 2008

by Paul Armstrong

No Place Like Home


There's No Place Like Home

What we Learned

Wow. Time travel, space relocation, dead people, dramatic rescue, dramatic reunion, dramatic death and seeing a brother in another life. It all happened. With 2 seasons left until LOST is found, we're starting to see the finish line -- with a few loose ends that may not be that significant -- and Season 4 ended as it bang, astoundingly, breath-takingly confusing, mind-numbing and addictively awesome. So, I'm trying to formulate a theory, but I think I'll just look at the new viral site.

  • Locke is the rightful heir of the island (Ben was merely his placeholder -- his brothers keeper if you will). There's a very Jacob and Esau, birthright feel to Ben and John.
  • Richard never ages, though, seems to have no real power
  • Penny reunites with Desmond -- obviously she's battling her father
  • The island can move -- between space and time. Though ... what did Ben do (he didn't follow the directions; he seems to have manually overrode the mechanism that moved/transported objects)
  • Sun, with her newfound power, finds Widmore and seems to want to partner with him (to do what?)

What we don't know

  • What did you all think?
  • Was Hurely really playing chess with Mr. Eko?
  • Why did Claire warn Kate not to go back?
  • Why was Locke finding the survivors, and pleading with them to go back (and why did he leave, and how did he die?)
  • Is Christian Shepherd a literal "shepherd" -- taking people back to their "true' time and place?
  • Is Jin really dead?
  • Where did the island go!?
  • Will Ben be able to lead them back?

I know I missed a ton, but -- any thoughts out there?




Comments for "Recap: LOST (S4E13)"

Man, this was a really great finale. My thoughts are as follows:
I think Sun a)knows Ben blew up the freighter and wants to work with Widmore to get justice from Ben. or b) thinks Jin might still be alive and need to get back to the island to find out
I think my favorite scene is a tie between when Ben took Locke to the Orchid station, starts throwing metal stuff in the elevator pod thing and tells Locke to just watch another orientation video..and Sayid's big fight scene

Yeah, the fight scene was intense; loved it.

Now that earlier Orientation video outtake (from last year) makes more sense -- with the rabbit multiplying itself, and Mr. Host freaking out. I still believe that most everyone on the island is experiencing life on an alternate plane of space and time -- that in the end they will be reunited with their rightful place and time; and that Ben and Widmore are playing a cosmic game (and perhaps their spiritual beings, who go throughout history correcting mistakes of history?)

I'm still unsure what Ben did; and how he knew that he could get to that lever (since there was a wall there and all). I'm also wondering where Ben went (place and time) after the island vanished -- I'm guessing that's how he just ended up in the desert.

I loved the ripple of waves in the ocean after the island "jumped" (to borrow a Battlestar phrase).

There are still questions that I hope we find out. Where is Cindy? Where are the children that were taken in season 1? Where is the island now? Polar Bears? Is the Smoke Monster its own creature or is it controlled? What are the whispers? Purple sky? What the heck was the monster that ate the pilot in the Pilot?

But it's a fricking great show!

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