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Drum Roll Please.......

Sunday June 1st 2008

by Sonya Armstrong

It's Paul's birthday, so make a big wish for him, send him offensive texts or just leave a nice message on our site =-) He is thankful for all of his wonderful friends and family near and far; we both are.




Comments for "Drum Roll Please......."

Go Pauli
It's your birthday
We're gonna party like it's your birthday
sip bacardi like it's your birthday
and we don't give a flying flip' cause it's your birthday

Hooray for 36!

I made a post but it never showed up. I swear I did.

Happy belated. I'd ship you some whisky, but it's illegal.

i hope you got my huge bouquet of cheese filled eggs!

happy birthday, and you don't look at day over 40.

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