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Recap: LOST (S5,E4)

Saturday February 7th 2009

by Paul Armstrong

As if things couldn't get any more confusing on LOST - aside from the time travel without time travel and a dangling hydro-bomb, NOW we have to deal wtih the possibilty that the entire story is a complicated concoction of an insane physicist, to get a girl; either that or its about a knife and a compass.




What We Learned

Since I haven't blogged (I apologize) on LOST for first 3 episodes I'll do my best to keep us up to date by incorporating all the things revealed/learned in those episdoes. So, you ready to jump in (or jump over)?

  • The island didn't so much move, as disappear into another time. As Daniel had experimented with Eloise (the rat), the island is skipping through time like a record player. Unfortunately this major plot point picks at my extreme dislike of the entire "time travel" concept - that is unnecessary confusing and obtuse (though they are attempting to avoid the paradoxes by relating the "travelng" to a more meta-physical act - as well as setting up the rule that one is unable to change anything that hadn't already happened; whic does not explain how they are able to actually interact with anyone?). I'm still disappointed; time travel (unless the main premise, like Quantum Leap or Back to the Future), tends to kill shows (I'm looking at you Heroes). I hope they know what they're doing.
  • Daniel has been jumping around long before this incident (as indicated by him appearing at the Orchid Station core with Dr. Chang - of the infamous orientation films (and he's grumpy when not on camera - must be a primadonna)
  • Everyone on the island when Ben unscrewed the island from time are now collectively moving throughout time (forward and backward)
  • Kate is fleeing from random lawyers who appear at her door claiming she has to prove she's the true mother of Aaron. We later find out that Ben has hired the lawyer, to most likely force Kate to returning to the island.
  • Jack is siding with Ben, knowing that he's right in saying they must return.
  • Sayid and Hurley escaped the thugs hired by Widmore (while Hurley admits to murders he didn't commit to be safe in jail from Ben), Sayid is "captured" by Jack (who heals his wounds) only to be confronted with Ben (whom he killed people for, but now hates?)
  • Sun is wealthy (I guess from her father) and inexplicably in California, runs into Widmore, says they have a mutual interest in killing Ben Linus.
  • Locke watches the drugsmuggling plane crash, only to be shot at by Ethan. Then "jumps" again to find Richard waiting for and telling him to give him a compass when John sees him again "I won't recognize you, but you need to give me this". John jumps away before getting answers.
  • Sawyer, Daneil, Juilet, Miles and Charolette are attempting to figure what time they are in; Daniel wants to find something man-made (not sure why) but gets sidetracked a few times. Once he finds Desmond (when Desmond was pushing the button) to tell him he has to find his mother in Oxford, and that he's "special". The next to find a hydrogen bomb.
  • Charlotte is getting nosebleeds, she's probably gonna implode
  • Widmore was on the island as a younger (military) man.
  • John gives Richard the compass and tells Richard to find him as a young boy (as proof to Richard that he's not insane and really is a time "traveler", and then jumps away - thus in Season 4 Richard visits John, asks him to pick something that belongs to him, John points to the knife, but Richard thinks it should be the compass since is what John had given him)
  • Desmond attempts to find Daniel's mother, to discover a few things about Daniel (such as some "woman", Theresa Spencer, being "trapped" inside her mind by Daniels experiments).


What We Don't Know

  • What is Widmore's interest in destorying the island and everyone on it?
  • What does Daniel know about the bomb? And what does he know about Charlotte (and the nose bleeding)?
  • What is Ben's motivation to get everyone back to the island? What will this solve? Is it merely a game between Charles and Ben?
  • Has Daniel created this entire paradigm of time leaping merely to get the love and affection of Charlotte?
  • Is the hydrogen bomb the "energy" that Ben let's escape, coupled with the magnetic core of the location (thus the bright light releasing when opening the contanment unit of the hydrogen explosion).
  • Does Daniel set off the bomb within a contained area to create the necessary means for everyone to jump throughout time (nuclear fusion plus magnetic?
  • How did Locke die?
  • Why is Richard and his gang there, if not for Dharma? Are they the original others (or merely the newest in a long line of "others", such as those surviving the Black Rock crash, etc?)
  • Which time is the real time, and which is the "jump" time for everyone?


I know there has to be a ton more that we don't know, I can't even wrap my brain around it at the moment. What are your thoughts? What have I missed?




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