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Luke Edward Armstrong, The Younger

Tuesday February 10th 2009

by Paul Armstrong

baby, sleeping

Luke Edward Armstrong. Born today at 10:22am at Bethesda North Hospital in Cincinnati Ohio; weighing 6lbs 11oz. Welcome to the circus boy-o. Your chin will save lives!


It's not hard to imagine that we're all excited in this family about the arrival of Luke. We've prayed, talked and anticipated his coming for months and months and the emotions overflow now that he's here. Being older and having gone through so much in the 8 years between kids, there was almost an ease to this entire process.


I look forward the unknown.




Comments for "Luke Edward Armstrong, The Younger"

He's a lovely boy. God bless him and the whole Armstrong circus.

You're invited into the delivery room when I have kids. Man that photo is beautiful.

Here's another "congratulations" for you.

So happy for you. Can't wait to meet Luke.

Congratulations to the Armstrong family! The Chowning family celebrates with you.

Beautiful picture. Beautiful boy.

Congratulations, you guys. Beautiful (and soon to be bouncing) baby boy <3

man, i'm glad that went well. In the midst of your new times, may your mexican food taste like indian, and your spanish food taste like french food, and your costa rican food taste like something ouf of a book of something tasty.

You know, a tasty book.

If i was in your city, i'm sure i would bring you a casserole in less than 4 days.

Good looking kid, btw. Of course, all children look like aliens to me. cute, adorable, aliens.

Awesome! I'm really happy for you guys.

he's beautiful. you're beautiful. you're triple-blessed. i can't see his chin.

God bless the Circus!!!

man, i'm overjoyed for you guys. congrats on another beautiful child. i pray things continue to go well and that paul and sonya, you both are able to get a decent amount of sleep over the coming months.

Yeah...hells yeah!

Thanks everyone for the kind words. We just got back home today (after what felt like and eternity of traffic). Its a great time, new direction in our lives. We're thrilled, and we're blessed to have friends like you!

by the way everyone- luke is just as amazing in person as you'd expect him to be.

kudos for reproducing again. your spawn shall rule the world.

(on a mutha fuckin boat!)

We want to say congratulations! I can't wait for Chris and I to meet him. He is beautiful. When you are settled in give us a shout. Love the Cliftons :)

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