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Recap: LOST (S5,E5)

Wednesday February 11th 2009

by Paul Armstrong

I'm beginning to think that LOST is recreating "Goundhog Day" except substituting the "reliving one day" to "reliving 100 years" over and over and over and over. If you haven't watched the episode, then I suggest you not click the title to enter, but if you have - well, let's comsizerate on the mind-imploding face punch "This Place is Death" was.




What we learned

  • We call guessed that Jin was jumping throughout time with everyone else the previous episode, but now there's a whole new mystery revealed (sorta), involving the imfamous black smoke "Monster".
  • While Jin is roaming the jungls with the Fenchies, he warns them of the impending doom that is the black smoke "monster" (after they all hear the rattling whir throughout the jungle). No one listens and bingo-bango someone is dragged to their deaths, losing a limb in the process.
  • Jin jumps time, though not too far, to find Rousseau systematically assisnating her cremates, accusing them of the "sickness", and mumbling something about the "temple" (whch is where the "monster" seems to originate from, and where the other men went looking for their swallowed mate, all except Danielle). Rousseaus shots her husband, but only after he tried to kill her.
  • Jin meets up with the rest of the jumpers, and finds an genuinely ecstatic Sawyer.
  • Charlotte speaks Korean.
  • Charlotte is geting worse, as he appears to be vanishing into another time.
  • Daniel stays behind with Charlotte, as everyone else attempts to get to the "Orchid" station. There, by the river (where many people seem to die) she tells Daniel that she grew up on the island, was told to leave and never come back and somehow managed to get herself back despite the warnings.
  • Daniel apparently met Charlotte as a child and told her to never come back to the island or she would die.
  • Locke and everyone else manage to get to what is, or is to become, the Orchid station. John enters a well, only to be trapped there when the "jump".
  • WHAT THE!?! Christian Shepherd is Jacob. While down in a well, John encounters  Christian Shepherd, who gives John directions on how to leave.
  • Sun is convinced by Ben to go see this "person" who can prove Jin is alive and fix everythying. Ben then gives Sun Jin's wedding ring, as proof that he's stil alive.
  • Eloise isn't just a rat, but also Dainel's mom (and the older woman whom Desmond met after at the jewlery shop in "Flashes Before Your Eyes"). She apparently can cure everything.


What we don't know

  • Why doesn't Daniel seem to remember warning Charlotte (unless its in the future, and Charlotte mistaken came back to the island at a later time?)
  • Why would coming back to the island kill Charlotte?
  • What is Eloise's relationship to Widmore and Ben?
  • Is Christian Shephard really in the basement of the Orchid with John, or merely a figment of John's imagination?
  • Is Christian Shephard, Jacob? If so, then what does that make Claire? or Jack for that matter?
  • Why is Desmond so (supposedly) unique?
  • Is Daniel traveling through time attempting to keep Charlotte alive?
  • What is this temple, where is the black smoke monster coming from there for and who is controling it and what is it doing to their minds to make them want to kill everyone?


Holy s***, that was a great episode (I think), I feel like they're really getting to the guts of what is going on. I'm encouraged when looking back a few seasons and seeing some of the hinted at weirdness having some "clarity", or at last hope of clarity.


What are you thoughts?




Comments for "Recap: LOST (S5,E5)"

Paul, Thanks for the post. A lot is happening and I had my hunches that the old woman was Faraday's mother. I think the episodes are great. Somehow it looks like they get Hurley involved next episode.

What was the name of the lady that took Daniel to the A-Bomb, the episode when Locke said "Nice to meet you" to a younger Charles Widmore. Was it Eloise? I can't remember

It seems to me that Daniel warned Charlotte not to come back to the island in HIS future, but HER past. Similar to how he was at the orchid when Dharma was digging down there in the past when the Dr. Candle (?) was recording the videos?

P.S. congrats on the baby! he's so darling. :)

What worries me a bit is when/how Ben got Jin's wedding ring from Locke. We now know he was the one trying to get Aaron from Kate and that he has never been 100% truthful and I'm still not sure what his intentions are in regards to getting back to the island. So it makes me wonder: Could Ben have killed Locke?

@Jarrett: I believe that Ben kills Locke (thus getting the rings)

@Bethany: Yup, it's Eloise; Richard calls her "Ellie" in the "Jughead" episode. Daniel also made that quip about her being exactly like someone he used to know.

I love little things in Lost that show that they know what they are doing storytelling wise. For instance we knew from Season 1 that Danielle's husband would try to shoot Danielle because Danielle tells Sahid that that gun didn't have bullets in it that time either.

My biggest thoughts are around why some folks do not seem to age like Richard and others do like Danielle. I wonder if some people on the island have different physics based on whether they are "alive" or "dead."

Is Claire "dead?"

I appreciate their forethought, I've enjoyed going back to old episodes to get that "aha" moment, or get more clues to what is happening now.

Is it a matter of being "dead", or a matter of having left the island and come back? Claire is Christian's daughter, so there has to be more to that (as well as Jack; and his ability to "heal" perhaps).

I do wonder what the "Temple" does, I don't recall them ever seeing it or visiting it before; have they?

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